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October 23, 2012

Today's Word of the Day is Romney's Misuse of TUMULT

is willard mitt romney smarter than a fifth grader debate 10-22-2012
Willard Mitt Romney used the noun "tumult" over nine times in the debate at Lynn University. He used the noun improperly. Where I come from in New Jersey, we call that "talking out of your ass."

Is Romney smarter than a 5th grader?

During the debate at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida, I heard Willard Mitt Romney use the word “tumult” at least 9 times, and then I got tired of counting.

Romney said “we’ve watched this tumult” and “this is a region in tumult” and “we have tumult,” and never used the noun properly. The man barely knows how to speak.

Do we want a President who can’t speak properly? Do we want a President who doesn’t have command of the english language? Do we want a President who constantly has to apologize because he “misspoke.” Do we want a President who is smarter than a 5th grader?

Only you can answer that question. In the meantime, what does “tumult” really mean?

Tumult, which is a noun, and is derived from the latin word tumultus, generally means a commotion or disturbance which creates noise. It also refers to the chatter created by a crowd of people.

Let’s use the word in a sentence that makes sense.

1. His easy demeanor hid the tumult in his mind.

2. My emotions are mired in a tumult of rage and confusion.

3. I should love a pork pie, the very thought “ raises tumults in my breast “ as the hymn has it!

4. Then he became aware of a violent tumult at his side.

5. And then did he hear a tumult and wailing, both at once.

6. If Romney wins the election, the tumult in my heart might cause me to flee to a different country. provides these sentences as examples of the noun tumult.
Definition: Tumult is a situation of confusion and chaos, especially when there is a lot of loud noise involved.
An example of tumult is the parking lot of a bar that has just caught fire, with a number of people shouting and yelling and everyone acting confused.
Is Willard Mitt Romney smarter than a fifth grader? I think not.

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