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October 30, 2012

Who Can Think About Anything Other Than Hurricane Sandy?

Hurrican Sandy Satellite Image 10-29-2012

As Hurricane Sandy batters the east coast, It’s extremely difficult to think about anything else right now. With news outlets reporting that the hurricane that is battering the northeast - is the biggest storm to ever hit the region, with nearly 8 million people without power, and the death toll at 16 and rising, my thoughts and prayers are with my family, and friends, and everyone affected by this natural disaster.

Whenever I hear about these freakish storms, that are occurring more frequently and becoming the norm in our lives, I can’t help but think about global warming and climate change. I’m immediately reminded that the debate moderators in all four debates, neglected to ask the candidates any questions about the environment.

In that context, I hope that our political leaders remember that it’s a moral imperative to rely on facts and not fiction, and science and scientists, to develop public policy that reduces the frequency of these devastating disasters.

The presidential election is exactly a week away, and I hope that both candidates share their views concerning the environment, the causes of global warming, and what policies they will implement to impact climate change.

I know their positions, and think it’s criminal that there has been such little discussion about the environment, and that their views are not known by you.

Hurrican Sandy slams Jersey Shore 10-29-2012

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