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November 21, 2012

Commentary: Republicans Need To Forget About Benghazi And Get To Work On The Fiscal Cliff

Benghazi is the second largest city in Libya, and in the news for the wrong reasons lately.

After the tragic assassination of the US Ambassador and 3 other Americans in Libya, by terrorists, in a terrorist attack, Republicans in Washington have been foaming at the mouth and trying to allege that there is a “cover up” by the Obama Administration. What the Obama Administration is trying to cover up, I don’t know.

After the attack, UN Ambassador Susan Rice was briefed by intelligence officials about what happened, and was told what she could reveal publicly. She made the rounds of the Sunday talk shows (Meet the Press, Face The Nation, This Week, etc) to discuss the tragedy.
She followed orders and did her job, and somehow she’s now the target of Republicans who are out to get her.

Ambassador Rice has been mentioned as a possible successor to Secretary Hillary Clinton at the State Department. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and
his lap dog and closet case Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) have said that they will block Susan Rice from becoming Secretary of State. Why? Who knows - though we know how Republicans treat women. Sexism 101 perhaps? Or do they want the President to appoint Senator John Kerry (D-MA) to succeed Clinton, so that Senator Scott Brown (R-MA)  can run for his vacant Senate seat?
This is troubling on many different levels. As far as the GOP making hay of the Benghazi attacks, they claim they want to know why Muslim terrorists attacked our personnel, they want to know how Muslim terrorists infiltrated our security and the consulate compound, and they want the criminal terrorists brought to justice.

If Republicans in Congress haven’t figured out why Muslim terrorists attack American targets, they need to resign so that someone with a brain can take their place.

It’s incredibly sad that we lost 4 Americans that day in Benghazi. The American ambassador was a great  guy from the bay area, spoke fluent Arabic, and was a great asset to the American diplomatic corps. His tragic murder, and the deaths of the other three Americans is horrible. I’m sure that our intelligence services will do everything they can to track down the perpetrators.

Senator McCain and Senator Graham have said nothing to convince me that there was wrongdoing by this administration, or a cover-up of anything. They seem to be on a political witch hunt, and they want Ambassador Rice to take the fall. Why? Who knows - because they give no intelligent reason for doing so. They’ve called for “Watergate style hearings” into the matter. Their beef seems to be with President Obama over his election victory, and they have no apparent reason to vilify Ambassador Rice at all.

If they persist with their outlandish accusations, I propose that we discuss a real issue. Let’s discuss the thousands of American military personnel who lost their lives needlessly in Iraq. Let’s talk about the bad intelligence that said there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Let’s talk about then National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice, and her assertion that we go to war in Iraq.

Rice poorly judged the threat of Al Qaeda in the months leading up to 9/11. If the Senators want to talk about intelligence failures, why don’t we start there? We lost thousands of troops in Iraq, and many thousands more are injured and maimed. I don’t want to diminish the Benghazi tragedy, but let’s be real about this. Why were discussions about Iraq off the table, and Benghazi is on the table?

It’s politics. What these two buffoon Senators need to realize is that Republicans and Democrats alike are sick of politics as usual. Forget Benghazi and stop bullying Ambassador Rice -- and get to work on avoiding a financial catastrophe with this fiscal cliff. That’s the work that matters right now.

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