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November 6, 2012

Election 2012: Only One Candidate Has Earned Your Vote - Barack Obama

President Obama and Governor Christie comfort New Jersey residents in aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Willard Mitt Romney Is Unfit To Be President

By Roy Steele

Unless you live on another planet, you know that today is election day.

If you’re a registered voter and you haven’t voted, please take the time to go to your local polling station to vote. History often repeats itself, and pundits claim this election will be close. In order to ensure that the election isn’t decided by the US Supreme Court, or by the right-wing Boehner Brigade in the US House of Representatives, we have to exercise our constitutional right to vote.

This election is being contested by two very different imperfect men. The incumbent has experience on the job, a proven track record, and a long list of significant accomplishments. The challenger has little to no experience, is impossible to pin down on a host of issues, and has disavowed his only significant achievement as governor of a small state.

If you don’t like politics, and can’t choose a candidate based on their political positions, I would ask you to consider the content of each candidate’s character.

Where is Willard Mitt Romney? He offered no help to hurricane victimsand is unfit to be President.

After super-storm Sandy ravaged the Mid-Atlantic states, we know that the President and his staff were acutely aware of what was happening with the storm. The President was decisive, and did his job. He hit the ground running, traveled to New Jersey, and made sure that federal resources were made available to those affected by the storm.

Where was Willard Mitt Romney? Here’s a man who says he wants to be a President for all the people, but we didn’t see him assessing the conditions on the ground, or doing any outreach to the victims of the storm.

As President Obama and Governor Christie met with New Jersey residents, Romney was out campaigning and criticizing the President for being a poor leader and not doing his job.

Can you envision an empathetic President in Willard Mitt Romney? Would he comfort the victims of a natural disaster, and be a good listener, while offering a shoulder to cry on? Is he steady in a crisis, with a strong moral compass? Does he have the capacity to be the conscience of an entire nation?

We know that Romney has no moral compass. When Carrel Hilton Sheldon’s life was threatened by numerous health complications, she was advised to abort an 8 week fetus, in order to save her own life. The Massachusetts LDS “stake president” advised her to follow her doctor’s orders. Her local Mormon bishop, Willard Mitt Romney, disagreed and went to her hospital room uninvited, to advise her not to abort the fetus. He told her “as your bishop, my concern is with the child.”

If you need further evidence, read Joanna Brooks guest voices blog post in the Washington Post. It’s entitled “Why we are voting for President Obama: Nine Mormon women speak.”

Joanna writes:

Mormon women honor the religion we share with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. But on Election Day, thousands and thousands of us will cast our votes in support of President Obama.
As a writer who has followed closely the role of faith in this campaign, I have witnessed how progressive Mormon women are finding their voices in this historic moment. A week ago, I took to the Internet to ask Mormon women who support Obama to share how their faith informs their vote. I heard from stay-at-home mothers, nurses, lawyers, hairstylists, and college professors, women with children small and grown, white women and women of color, from California to New Hampshire—and in key states like Nevada, Colorado, and Florida.
I have long enjoyed Joanna’s excellent columns for Religion Dispatches, and her terrific blog post articulates why these Christian women cannot vote for Willard Mitt Romney, primarily because he lacks a moral compass.

There is only one major party candidate who has strong morals, and has earned your vote, and that man is President Barack Obama.

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