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December 6, 2012

Closet Case News Today - John Travolta's Former Flame Files Suit

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LA LA Land News Part II: Captain America’s Brother Arrested

I don’t know if John Travolta is gay, or bisexual, but the man certainly isn’t straight.

The iconic actor’s former male lover, Doug Gotterba, filed a lawsuit in response to a letter he received from Travolta’s lawyer Marty Singer. Singer contacted Gotterba after he granted an interview to the National Enquirer, regarding his “steamy affair” with Travolta.  

The actor’s attorney alleged that Gotterba violated a confidentiality agreement by speaking to the National Enquirer, because the terms of the agreement enjoined him from speaking publicly about Travolta, his romantic relationship with Travolta, or his employment as a pilot for the actor. reports:
In the suit, Gotterba claims Singer threatened to sue him for violating a confidentiality agreement he signed when he stopped working for Travolta.

Gotterba claims he DID sign a termination agreement ... but it didn't include anything about confidentiality. Therefore, Gotterba says he did nothing wrong ... and should be allowed to talk about Travolta without fear of a lawsuit.
I don’t know what legal resources Gotterba has access to. It would be dangerous to speculate about whether he’s looking for hush money, or he’s serious about pursuing the lawsuit. Time will tell - that’s for sure. Regardless, whether the lawsuit is settled, dismissed, or it goes to trial, there’s no question that John Travolta likes to let his freak flag fly with men from time to time. 

John Travolta’s closeted behavior only hurts John Travolta and his family. Since the Travolta’s are prominent members of the anti-gay Church of Scientology, it’s impossible for him to come out.

I almost feel sorry for Travolta, until I’m reminded that this famous closet case, created all of these problems for himself. 

LAPD Nab Actor Scott Evans In Undercover Sting

Actor Scott Evans, 29, played Oliver Fish on the soap "One Life To Live"
Actor Scott Evans
Captain America’s gay brother was arrested in Los Angeles on Tuesday after trying to buy drugs from an LAPD undercover policeman. Scott Evans, 29, had a recurring role on the ABC soap One Life To Live, and he played a gay cop. The New York Daily News reports that Evans “was charged with a felony and bailed out at 12:30 a.m. Wednesday morning after spending several hours in jail.”
"Most ridiculous night of my life in LA so far,” the younger Evans posted on Facebook. “At least I made it a year before getting arrested."

Police did not reveal what drug Evans, who moved from his native Sudbury, Mass. to Los Angeles to jumpstart his career, is accused of trying to buy.

The 29-year-old Evans is currently filming the Selena Gomez vehicle “Behaving Badly.”

Am I the only person who wonders why the LAPD is using valuable resources to target individuals like Scott Evans, rather than using those resources to reduce violent crime? Did Scott Evans pose a public safety threat that warranted him being charged with a felony?

Luckily, if this is Scott’s first offense, he will be able to take advantage of a diversion program - and this arrest won’t completely destroy his life. Since “drugs” were involved, this is a public health issue, and I hope that Scott gets the treatment that he needs.

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