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December 6, 2012

"Most Promiscuous Gay City" Fake Story Brings Attention To Sugar Daddy Site

screenshot of the website seekingarrangement.com on dec. 6, 2012
A screenshot of the sugar daddy dating website seekingarrangement.com

The Huffington Post  and Gay Star News Report A Press Release Like It’s News - We Deserve Better!

The Huffington Post says “West Hollywood gay men who are hoping for a commitment-free hookup have an extra-special reason to celebrate, as their city has been named the most promiscuous U.S. destination in a new poll.”

Gaystar News writes “West Hollywood in California has been voted the most promiscuous gay city in the US, beating popular LGBT hot spots San Francisco and New York.”

Both of these “news” outlets write about this alleged survey like it’s legitimate, when it’s nothing but a publicity stunt by an attention seeking website owner. 

Have you ever heard of Seeking Arrangement.com before? I have never heard of them either, and it took me about 5 minutes to realize that it was a bunch of bullshit.

In a press release, this "sugar daddy dating" wannabe website announced the results of their survey of 11,000 members, who were asked where is it easy to get laid? Are sugar daddy dating habituĂ©’s a representative sample of the LGBT community? A sugar daddy pays for sex! SO that means there must be more escorts and hookers in West Hollywood, than in any other city. Right? It doesn’t make it the most promiscuous.

This press release and unscientific sham survey reports that the following cities are slut central.

1.   West Hollywood, CA
2.   Washington, DC         ⇐ BE FOR REAL
3.   San Francisco, CA
4.   Seattle, Washington  <= RIGHT!?!?!?!?
5.   Columbus, Ohio         ⇐ COLUMBUS?
6.   Chicago, IL
7.   San Diego, CA
8.   New York, NY            <= PROOF THE POLL IS A JOKE
9.   Houston, TX
10. Atlanta, GA

“According to our study, more gay males utilize online dating for ‘hooking up’ compared to heterosexual males," the site's founder Brandon Wade said in a statement. "While there is always potential to fall in love, online dating makes it very easy to find singles who are similarly looking for something less serious.”

DUH! You conducted a study to find this out? Needlepoint anyone? I’m not in the habit of having to “pay” for a date, thank you very much.

I’m sorry folks - but I find an unscientific study of 11,000 sugar daddy dating people and their sexual habits at best a hoax! This is NOT news.

screenshot of seekingarrangement.com endorsement of willard mitt romney for president
To put this “study” in perspective, this website endorsed Mitt Romney for president.

In the press release announcing the Romney endorsement, it seems that the owner of the site feels that his education at MIT  lends extra credibility to the endorsement [yawn]. NOT!
“Since sugar daddies are often powerful and wealthy men, many politicians end up being sugar daddies,” says Mr. Wade who holds a BS degree and an MBA degree from MIT. “While the media likes sensational stories about sugar daddy politicians behaving badly, I hope our endorsement of Mitt Romney for the GOP Presidential nomination will shed positive light on what being a good sugar daddy should be about.”
And later today in self loathing............Mr. Wade is going to explain why he would would risk alienating the LGBT community by endorsing Mitt Romney. Ask Jonathan Crutchley, the Manhunt founder, how his dalliance with an anti-gay presidential campaign worked out. Crutchley donated money to Senator John McCain’s failed campaign for president in 2008, which resulted in thousands of people swearing off Manhunt forever.

I hope that legitimate news sites will review what they report as “news” and stick to reporting real news, not fake polls or studies. Christian extremists rely on sham studies to justify their bias, and that’s not a community that we should emulate

We need facts, not fiction, to keep our community informed.

 straight talk in a queer world.      

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