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December 19, 2012

UK's "Pink News" Has Never Heard Of Fact Checking

Screenshot of the UK's Pink News story about Mike Huckabee 12-19-2012

UK newspapers are not known for their integrity - and the Pink News is no different.

The UK news service Pink News has an article with the headline “Republican Mike Huckabee: The Newtown shootings were the fault of gay people.” Headlines like that get my attention, so when I saw it I immediately clicked on the link to read the story written by Joseph Patrick McCormick. The article begins [emphasis my own]:

Fox News presenter and former 2008 Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, has made several comments about the Newtown, Connecticut, school shootings, seemingly blaming gay people for the massacre.
Mike Huckabee, the ex-governor of Arkansas, seemed to be blaming last week’s shootings on gay people through his recently voiced opinions, when he talked about a rejection of “natural law”, and “natural family of a father and mother”, as the reasons for the killings.
Pink News is relying entirely on hyperbole for their story. It isn’t true, and Huckabee hasn’t uttered one word in the last few days about the LGBT community. I think that publishing this fiction is just as OUTRAGEOUS as Huckabee’s explanation for the Connecticut murders. Huckabee "seemingly" blamed gay people, and "seemed" to blame the shootings on gay people? That's pure bullshit.

If Mike Huckabee wants to talk trash about the LGBT community, he has NO problem saying so.

Pink News has an “editorial policy” posted on their website. Under “political stance” they state that they support and promote politicians who support LGBT equality. They also state that if a story is commentary and not factual that it “will be pre-fixed with ‘comment’ clearly defining it as commentary and not pure facts.” I couldn’t find that designation anywhere near this story.

Mike Huckabee told a New York Times reporter that I was an “economic terrorist.” So believe me - I don’t want to defend Huckabee at all, but when a publication is styling themselves as the “premier news outlet in the UK,” and writing fiction and passing it off as news, I can’t be quiet.

Mike Huckabee made some far fetched statements attributing the Newtown massacre to the lack of religious instruction in public schools. That bothered me enough to write about it, as I firmly believe that a mentally deranged individual, and his unfettered access to guns, is fully responsible for that tragedy.

Pink News heard the same comments, and made up a story out of thin air, saying that the street preacher blamed the mass murders on the LGBT community.

I think that gay or LGBT news organizations have to work doubly hard to check their facts, because those who would like to deprive us of our rights, lie in wait for any part of our community to make a mistake or fuck up, to justify the slanderous rhetoric they use to denigrate and demean us.

I know it’s been a slow time for LGBT news. While there’s lots of other news, Gay Star News and the Huffington Post recently published press releases about a sugar daddy dating website, and reported it as news. That kind of “reporting” doesn’t inform us, or help our cause at all.

These LGBT publications must do better, and we must demand that they serve our community by publishing facts and not fiction.

Straight talk in a queer world indeed.

straight talk in a queer world.              
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