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January 7, 2013

House Republicans Vow To Keep Terrorizing The US Economy

The dome of the US Capitol in Washington, DC
I’m fed up with the terroristic threats being made by the GOP, to hold our economy hostage due to their extremist views.

Over the past week the news was dominated by the obstructionist Republican members of the US House of Representatives, who refused to compromise, or reach a deal, with the Obama administration over the impending “fiscal cliff.” Falling over the precipice would have caused severe across-the-board cuts in government expenditures, and large tax increases for every single American taxpayer.

While a compromise was reached to protect middle class taxpayers to some degree, the financial crisis isn’t over. Within the next four weeks the debt ceiling will need to be raised again, and the tea-baggers in Congress have announced that they will continue to terrorize our fragile economy.

The GOP game of Russian roulette has a negative effect on Wall Street and the financial markets, as institutional investors flee the US financial markets for the stability that non-US based markets currently provide. Can you blame them?

The debt ceiling has always been a procedural issue with little to no debate in both houses of Congress, because it’s Congress who proposes and passes the bills that creates the debt. It’s no longer a mere formality because Barack Obama is our president, and the birthers and tea-baggers refuse to respect him. When the debt ceiling needed to be raised in 2011, Republican idiots came up with the “fiscal cliff” plan. Who knows what lunacy they will propose this time.

The GOP majority in the 112th Congress was a do-nothing obstructionist body, that was the least productive in 65 years. Republicans single handedly almost shut down government completely, and nearly failed to raise the debt ceiling - - which would have caused us to default, and not honor our financial commitments. They waited until the eleventh hour to avoid our tumbling head first off of the fiscal cliff, and you can bet that debt ceiling negotiations will be no different.

House Speaker John Boehner had no control over his “troops” in the 112th Congress, and doesn’t seem to have any control over the tea-baggers in the 113th Congress that was just sworn in. Rather shamefully, they couldn’t even pass a bill to provide disaster relief to the victims of Hurricane Sandy, and that’s a national disgrace!  

When Congress is led by an ineffective Speaker, the result is gridlock and chaos. If Boehner can’t rule his caucus with an iron fist, we’re going to see a repeat of the last two years, and nothing will get done.

All members of the House just took an oath of office, and swore to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States. They have a constitutional duty to pay our nation’s bills and meet our financial obligations, whether they agree with the expenditure or not. If they fail to do so, and if they fail to raise the debt ceiling in a timely manner, they are abrogating their constitutional duty.

Any member of Congress who fails to meet the constitutional requirements of their office is committing an impeachable offense, and they should be removed from office.

I don’t know about you, but I’m fed up with the terroristic threats being made by the GOP, to hold our economy hostage due to their extremist views, and I promise you that I will contact them to let them know it.

Raising the debt ceiling is the next show that’s about to unfold under the capitol dome in Washington, and adolescent behavior by right-wing extremists will hurt the people and our fragile economy, during the process. I hope that you will join me by making your displeasure known to your elected representatives. This idiocy has to stop.

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