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January 20, 2013

Jive Top 5: Five Most Popular Blog Posts of December 2013

The Jive in the [415] top 5 most popular blog posts of December 2012.

For some reason I’m usually surprised by what’s been the most popular blog post in any given month. I didn’t expect that my opinion about the Newtown massacre, gun control, and mental health would be popular. At the same time I know that people are clamoring for ideas, and information. People want facts, not innuendo.

None of the other topics surprised me. I know that I’ve said this before, but wanted to remind anyone that visits this blog, if you’d like to contribute a guest blog post on a topic of interest, please get in touch.

I’m excited to see President Obama and Vice President Biden sworn in for their second terms tomorrow. How fitting that it’s also Martin Luther King’s birthday.

I’ve gotten used to writing 2013, though I think it looks weird when it’s written out. Don't you? I hope that everyone is having a happy and prosperous, and warm January. Thanks again for visiting, and I hope that you will bookmark the site, and visit often.



Jive Top 5 Blog Posts of December 2012

1. Is A Sensible Discussion Of Gun Control And Mental Health Issues Possible?

2. Vatican Lies: The Pope’s Mouthpiece Equates Being Gay With Being A Communist

3. Most Promiscuous Gay City" Publicity Stunt Brings Attention To Sugar Daddy Dating Site

4. OUTRAGE! The Associated Press Says “Homophobia” Is A Vague Feeling. LOL.

5. Closet Case News Today - John Travolta's Former Flame Files Suit

5. Jane Pitt And Mothergate Part 2 – “The Examiner” Accused Me Of Being Cruel, Rude, And Juvenile

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