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January 7, 2013

Jive Top 5: Five Of The Most Iconic Photos Of 2012

Whenever we begin a new year, we are inundated with lists that herald the top news stories of the past year, or the top films of the year we’ve just completed, or the best new restaurants or television shows that launched in 2012. I don’t know about you, but I like reading those articles and seeing the lists. So in that same vein, now that 2013 is upon us, I’m going to share the Jive in the [415] top 5 lists - in a few different categories - that will be posted over the next week.

Today we are going to start with the Jive Top 5 list of iconic photos of 2012. What makes these photos iconic is that each photograph is associated with a newsworthy event in 2012, and triggered an emotional response within me - to the chosen photos (laughing is an emotion too).

5. Olympic Rower Henrik Rummel Is Aroused After Winning A Bronze Medal

During the 2012 London Olympic games, the United States won a bronze medal in the coxless 4 rowing event. The photographer who captured the team on the medal stand, seemingly captured an aroused Henrik Rummel, after he was awarded his medal. In the London tabloid the Daily Mail, they printed the picture of an erect Rummel, with the headline “Is that an oar in your pocket, or are you just happy to win the bronze? U.S. rower denies he had erection during medal ceremony.”

Rummel denied that he had a boner on the medal stand, despite the photographic evidence to the contrary. The terrific GAWKER blog interviewed Rummel, and asked him about his boner. Here are some of the responses to Taylor Berman's questions.

What was your initial reaction when the story of your boner hit the internet? Have you gotten a lot of feedback? New fans?

I laughed very hard! I woke up my girlfriend and told her the story. Then I told everyone else I knew, except my parents.

Has anything like this ever come up before?

This is a recurring problem with rowers. The spandex doesn't leave a lot to the imagination and there are many unflattering awards dock photos out there. I haven't heard of any erections occurring on the podium.

So, come on: was it a boner?

Nope! If I did have one you can bet I would've tried harder to cover it up with the flowers. Those spandex are pretty tight fitting and whatever position it happens to be captured in, it's staying that way.

Anything else?

Sorry Henrik - if it looks like a boner, and walks like a boner, it’s a boner. And it’s the most memorable photo of the 2012 London Olympics. Thank you Harry How at Getty Images! This classic photo made me laugh!

Continued after the break.

4. Silent Anti-bullying Protest in Meppel, Netherlands

When 15 year old Fleur Bloemen tragically ended her young life, after enduring years of bullying, the residents of her small town in Holland took to the streets as a protest against bullying - and to honor Fleur’s young life.

There is something powerful about this photograph, and I can feel the people’s resolve.

3. A Protest Against Rape In Delhi, India

These two young women look beleaguered, while their message is clear.

“Touching a girl without her consent doesn’t make you a man, it makes you a coward.”

“We live in a society that teaches women not to get raped, instead of teaching men not to rape.”

This photo moved me, and their message is universally clear.

2. A Mother Cries In Anguish In Newtown, Connecticut

The fear and horror and emotion reflected in this mothers face, are feelings that I think we can all identify with. I know that the events of that fateful morning were so unthinkable, that I had to turn the television off, because it was unbearable.

When an elderly person, or someone with a terminal illness, dies one often hears that “they’re in a better place.” When I think of the lives lost in that massacre, I don’t think they’re in a better place. 
Such young lives lost to murder is equally sad and maddening..

We have the power and opportunity to make our world a better place. We also have a responsibility to all victims of gun violence, to do whatever we can to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

1. Marriage Equality in Washington State

This photo of Larry Duncan and Randy Shepherd applying for marriage licenses at 1:30am, after waiting in line on the first day that same-sex marriage was legal in Washington - is fantastic. The moment was captured by photojournalist Meryl Schenker, and it destroys all of the stereotypes that most people have about marriage equality. That’s why I think it’s iconic, and the most iconic of 2012.

Honorable Mention - President Barack Obama & Pete Souza

White House photographer Pete Souza is one of the best photojournalists in the business. He is with the president nearly 24/7, documenting history, and he frequently uploads his work to flickr.

The most striking photographs of the president often include kids, and to me it speaks volumes about the President’s character. President Obama seemingly loves kids, and they love him back. They are comfortable around him, and he puts them at ease. That trait is rare among President’s, and I don’t recall seeing any photographs of a President since John F. Kennedy, who were as affectionate and comfortable around kids. I applaud the President for this. 

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