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February 26, 2013

GOP Problem Child: Ann Coulter Just Can't Shut Up

GOP problem child Ann Coulter

More than a few people have noted that GOP problem child Ann Coulter, had diarrhea of the mouth at a gathering of Libertarian college students. Fox News reporter John Stossel asked Coulter a number of questions, and her vitriolic commentary reflected the neo-conservative party line that she’s long hitched her broomstick to. She was jeered and booed as a result.

I’ve always looked at Ann Coulter as an entertainer, not a political pundit. She loves pushing people’s buttons, and loves making controversial remarks. That’s her shtick, and she’s taken her hate, and found an audience that buys her shitty books and shares her narrow worldview. These are the very people that are destroying the Republican party.

The original video clip was nearly ten minutes long, and I edited the clip so that it’s about two minutes long. I took the liberty of superimposing my editorial comments over Miss Coulter’s venomous spewing head, to counter her objectionable neo-con opinions, but it didn’t work. So I positioned the commentary on the side of her venomous spewing head, and you can actually read the text, so I think it's more effective.

This short video clip is emblematic of the serious problems that exist within the Republican party.

At the New Now Next blog, Matt Crowley described the video and Coulter in terms that I agree with. The blog post is entitled Ann Coulter Gets Gross About Gay Marriage, Is A Worthless Bitch: Watch. Matt wrote:

Ann Coulter’s unique charms were on full display during a recent debate with John Stossel in front of a room of libertarian students. She defends the war in Iraq and the war on drugs and calls libertarians pussies. Seriously, you can almost see her fighting to stay afloat as she clings frantically to the waterlogged corpse of the GOP.
Perhaps most embarrassing of all was Coulter on the subject of gay marriage. When asked why gay people couldn’t marry like straight people could, Coulter said, ”Well, they can. They have to marry a member of the opposite sex,” drawing boos from the crowd. She countered that libertarians are “sucking up” to liberals on this issue, saying, “Marriage is the most important institution to civilize young people.” 
She continued, “Liberals want to destroy the family so that you will have one loyalty – and that is to the government.” That line, at least, got a big laugh, and as we know, Ann Coulter can’t stand the sound of human joy.
In 2011 Asawin Suebsaeng wrote about Coulter for Mother Jones, after the extremist GOProud named her honorary chair of their advisory council.
Coulter claims to be a "friend of the gays" while simultaneously saying that leftists are using them (and the blacks and the feminists and the single mothers) to "destroy the family" with the "made-up" concept of marriage equality.
Coulter is not a “friend of the gays” and her show business act is tired. Until her party realizes that she’s a part of their poisonous brand, she’ll sink her fangs into anyone within reach. With any luck, she'll sink those fangs into her lifeless party too.

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