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February 21, 2013

Southern Baptist Baloney Defames The Gay Community

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Revealing The Truth About Baptist Blasphemy (Baptist baloney)

The Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is the governing body of the affiliated Baptist churches, and the largest Protestant religion in the United States.

In light of their resolution urging the Boy Scouts of America to maintain the status quo by keeping the discriminatory ban on gay scouts and gay scout leaders, the SBC made it clear that they will continue to discriminate, denigrate, and defame the gay community.

I strongly object to the fact that SBC relies entirely on false doctrine to justify their anti-gay bigotry. The LDS church and the Roman Catholic church also cite falsehoods in order to justify bigotry.

Let’s look at the facts, and you can judge for yourself.

I. SBC passed a resolution in 1998 (just 15 years ago) to amend the Baptist Faith and Message, which was reaffirmed in 2000, to add the sentence in bold below to section XV. entitled “The Christian and the Social Order.”
In the spirit of Christ, Christians should oppose racism, every form of greed, selfishness, and vice, and all forms of sexual immorality, including adultery, homosexuality, and pornography.
II. In the year 2000, The Baptist Faith and Message directed Baptists to blindly oppose homosexuality, just because they said so. Scripture doesn’t “oppose homosexuality,” and the church committee ignored the teachings of Christ when they categorized an immutable inborn trait as “sexual immorality.”

III.When the committee made their recommendations, Adrian Rogers (the committee chairman) wrote that “Our recommendation is intended to clarify our doctrines for this present age, and to define our beliefs against the backdrop of modern confusion.” I’ve found no evidence to suggest that the actions taken by Mr. Rogers committee was based on scripture, a rigorous debate or academic research or facts.

There was limited internal debate within SBC in 2000, and many pastors warned that this “opinion” would be falsely accepted as church doctrine, when scripture doesn’t support this view at all.

IV. The Holy Bible doesn’t take a position on modern sexuality, and there’s nary a word about marriage equality. The SBC didn’t want gay Baptists in their pews, and didn’t want gay men and lesbians crowding the aisles of their churches trying to get married. So they came up with the definition below. It’s not divinely inspired - it’s inspired by animus for LGBT people.
We affirm God’s plan for marriage and sexual intimacy – one man, and one woman, for life. Homosexuality is not a “valid alternative lifestyle.” The Bible condemns it as sin. It is not, however, unforgivable sin. The same redemption available to all sinners is available to homosexuals. They, too, may become new creations in Christ.
Norman Rockwell portrait of the Liberty Bell Boy Scout, Cub Scout, and Eagle ScoutGod doesn’t have a “marriage plan” for anyone, but SBC decided to make one up. God loves all of his children, including the LGBT kids that continue to be produced under the SBC “plan for marriage and sexual intimacy.” Thank God straight people keep having gay kids, because that's how we repopulate the ranks!

V. While SBC acknowledges that LGBT Christians can seek redemption for our sins, just like murderers and thieves (aren’t we lucky), they say that who we love and our mere existence and our lives are “invalid.”

“One man, and one woman, for life” is the SBC plan for marriage and sexual intimacy, NOT God’s plan. If we had to rely on the Holy Bible for the definition of marriage, women would be the sole property of men, we would embrace polygamy, and women would have to marry their rapist. In addition to that, any heterosexual adulterer would have to be put to death.

SBC says that homosexuality is NOT a “valid alternative lifestyle,” and that reflects their ignorance and prejudiced anti-gay bias. Their bigotry is not supported by God or in Scripture.

The Bible doesn’t condemn homosexuality as a sin, and the passage in Leviticus that condemns gay sex is always misinterpreted. In the culture of their time, a victorious army in battle would often rape the soldiers in the losing army. The passage condemns same-sex rape as a violation of the holiness code, and it’s under those circumstances that gay sex is condemned.

Baptist Bigotry Is Based On False Doctrine

The Southern Baptist Convention relies on false doctrine to condemn and disenfranchise the LGBT community. The misinformed, prejudiced, discriminatory opinion written about homosexuality 15 years ago by a committee of men, and incorporated into the Baptist Faith and Message, is clearly driven by hate and ignorance.

No matter how you slice it, the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention adopted a resolution to condemn a proposed change in Boy Scout policy based on fear and false doctrine. Their view of homosexuality is not biblical and is heresy at best.

Since the church position on homosexuality is based on lies and false doctrine, and the SBC resolution is based on the same church position (lies and false doctrine), the resolution is baloney. It isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.

To put it simply, the church resolution opposing a change to Boy Scout policy by the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention, is mean and cruel at best, and the anti-gay definitions of marriage and sexuality is pure fiction and blasphemous.

Aren’t you tired of all the Baptist baloney? I certainly am.

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