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February 20, 2013

TV Talk: Bravo’s Top Chef Finale - Kristen or Lizzie?

Bravo's Top Chef Season Ten Seattle Judges Padma Lakshmi and Tom Colicchio

Brooke Williamson and Sheldon Simeon and Kristen Kish or Lizzie Binder

Bravo TV’s Top Chef Season Ten - Seattle, the long-running hit reality competition, has kept us waiting for a week to see which three chefs will be competing for the opportunity to be crowned the winner this season.

During last week’s Glacial Gourmand episode, Oklahoma’s Joshua Valentine was told to pack his knives - as his foie gras 3 ways (goose liver) got the best of him. Two competitors advanced to the finale.

Last Chance Kitchen - The Update

In Last Chance Kitchen, Kristen Kish continued her winning ways and was the victor 4 weeks in a row, and was ready to face off with Joshua for the third spot in the finals. But there was a new twist this year, and viewers were able to vote for their audience favorite, who would be given a chance to compete for the third spot in the finals too. San Francisco’s Lizzie Binder was the audience pick - and she was given a chance to compete against Kristen and Joshua.

Lizzie didn’t win any quickfire challenges or elimination challenges over the course of Season 10, though her calm and steady hand in the kitchen, served her well. Considering her Traci Des Jardins pedigree at Jardiniere, with stints at The French Laundry in Napa, and Chez Panisse in Berkeley, combined with her six year 3 star run as head chef at Bar Bambino in the Mission, you would think that she would have a distinct an advantage over her less experienced opponents. While that wasn’t the case over the course of the season, she made it to episode 14, which is a great achievement.

In the cliffhanger ending of Last Chance Kitchen,  Joshua was eliminated with undercooked venison - and we were left wondering whether it would be Lizzie or Kristen going to the finals. Who knows - maybe they will both compete? For some strange reason I think Lizzie will advance.

Top Chef Finalists - Season 10

1. Brooke Williamson, a Los Angeles native, won 3 quickfire challenges, and 5 elimination challenges (including the last 3 episodes preceding the finale). The favorite to win it all.

2. Sheldon Simeon, a laid back native of Hawai’i, won 3 quickfire challenges, and 2 elimination challenges.  A dark horse who is serious and quietly gets it done.

3. Lizzie Binder or Kristen Kish?

Admittedly - I’m a huge Kristen fan. And I have come to really like Brooke, and Sheldon, and Lizzie too. If you asked me 2 weeks ago - I would have been mad if it wasn’t Kristen in the finals. I have to be honest - I’ve really warmed up to Lizzie - and would be happy to see either one compete tonight.

I really think that it would be awesome to have two women competing in the finals - so as much as I like Sheldon, I hope that a woman is crowned Top Chef this year.

Lizzie has a stellar resume, and she has more top flight experience than any of her competitors. Don’t be surprised if she gets the best of Kristen.

My gut tells me that it’s going to be Brooke and Lizzie competing in the finals. What do you think?

Tune in to Bravo tonight for Top Chef Season 10 - Episode 16 - Finale Part One, to see who is still standing to compete for the Top Chef title next week.

For program info check your TV Guide’s local listings.

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