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March 31, 2013

Jive Five: The 5 Most Popular Blog Posts of February 2013

In February 2013, these were the five most popular Jive in the [415] blog posts based on page views. These 5 blog posts were related to two subjects - Pope Benedict XVI and Bravo’s hit television show Top Chef.

As a gay Catholic scandal erupts in Vatican City, with accusations of blackmail, gay priests, and lots of intrigue, what is Pope Benedict XVI hiding? A gay man? Or is he a gay man?

Part one of the finale for Bravo's "Top Chef Seattle" will be airing Wednesday night, and Brooke Williamson, Sheldon Simeon, Kristen Kish or Lizzie Binder could win. This culinary battle for the ages takes place in Tom Colicchio's Los Angeles restaurant.

Rev. Federico Lombardi announced  that Pope Benedict XVI has a new title, a new address, and he’ll wear the same white dresses - but NOT the red Prada shoes. WTF?

A Review of the “Top Chef Seattle” Season 10 finale. Kristen Kish faced off against Brooke Williamson and Kish was declared the winner.

Let’s handicap Bravo's “Top Chef Seattle” Season 10 Finale - Part 2 that  will air Wednesday night. It's an all-female final with Kristen Kish facing off against Brooke Williamson.

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