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March 19, 2013

The Right-Wingers Are Humdingers And They’re Destroying The GOP

CPAC 2013 - I see scary people. Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan

CPAC 2013 Straw Poll Numbers Do Not Add Up

By Roy Steele

The Republican party lost the 2012 presidential election, lost seats in the US House of Representatives, lost seats in the US Senate, and House Democrats received more than a million more votes than House Republicans.

Over the last 6 presidential elections, the GOP received the majority of votes once (in 2004). That’s the year that Karl Rove employed the “southern strategy” and placed marriage equality on the ballot in as many states as possible, to motivate evangelicals to vote on election day.

Since most evangelical Christians are anti-gay and likely to vote Republican, Rove knew that gay marriage would ensure that a record number of evangelicals voted, which would increase the odds of the unpopular George W. Bush being re-elected.

In 2012, Willard Mitt Romney believed that he was going to defeat Barack Obama on election day, and has admitted that even after viewing the early returns and exit polls, he thought he was going to win.

In the Election 2012 post-mortems, various explanations and excuses have been given to explain why the GOP keeps losing. Losses have been attributed to the gifts Obama gave to voters, bad candidates, poor communication skills, weak messaging, and not being conservative enough.

The party standard bearers ignored the fact that their pollsters had inaccurate polling data. They failed to acknowledge that the GOP alienated women, disenfranchised the LGBT community, and wrote off Latinos, African-Americans and Asian-Americans. They didn’t recognize that their incendiary rhetoric, and unimaginative policy proposals didn’t excite younger voters, or the country at large.

CPAC 2013 - Donald Trump asks where are the white European immigrants?The only fact that Republicans were willing to acknowledge was that they would continue to lose elections if they didn’t appeal to Latinos.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) commissioned a study to investigate why they did so poorly in 2012, and called it the Growth & Opportunity Project.

On St. Patrick’s Day Sunday - the Conservative Political Action Conference that’s also known as the annual gathering of Crazy Politicians Are Conservative (CPAC) - wrapped up their 2013 confab  at the GAYlord National Resort & Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland.

CPAC conducts a presidential straw poll at each annual gathering. In 2012, Willard Mitt Romney edged Rick ‘Sicko’ Santorum. In 2010 and 2011, Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) was the victor.

The CPAC 2013 straw poll had 2,930 participants, and Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) won the straw poll with 25% of the votes. Senator Marco Rubio received 23% of the vote, and Santorum was the third place vote getter with 8%, followed by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie with 7%.

The four day conference consisted of speeches and seminars from the right-wing extremists in the Republican party.

Reality television personality Donald Trump complained about the low numbers of white European immigrants (i.e., caucasians), and Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) made an  unconvincing argument that even though you’re against marriage equality and equal rights for the LGBT community, you’re not a bigot.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) tried to make a joke about being a proud wacko-bird that was disingenuous and fell flat, and the unemployed former half-term governor of Alaska managed to offend anyone within earshot of her vitriolic speech, particularly mainstream Republicans (Karl Rove et al) in her own party.

If you look a little closer at the CPAC 2013 straw poll, which is based on 2,930 CPAC attendees casting votes, they have a math problem. While every media outlet has reported the results of their straw poll, I can’t for the life of me understand how everyone missed that fact that the percentage of votes attributed to the candidates add up to 103%.

Because they didn’t release that actual number of votes that each candidate received, I can’t double check their percentages, and this straw poll doesn’t pass my sniff test.

I think Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), who famously can’t add or subtract, must have been a vote counter.

Then again CPAC doesn’t pass my sniff test. This sad gathering of people who are anti-gay, anti-science, anti-women, anti-people of color, anti-immigrant, and anti-middle class, that embrace the politics of fear and hate, won’t pass your sniff test either.

Contrary to what CPAC believes, hate and vitriol are NOT family values, and their popular appeal and political viability is tenuous at best.

Can RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and his “study” save the extremist wing of his party from extinction? Not bloody likely.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus conducted a press conference to discuss the report’s findings on Monday March 18th, 2013. Stay tuned for my interpretation of the results of the RNC study tomorrow.

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