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April 11, 2013

A Must Read: He’s At Liberty To Say He’s Christian And Gay

A screenshot of The Atlantic magazine online story by Brandon Ambrosino.

The Atlantic magazine online has an extraordinary first-person account about being gay, and coming out as a student, at Liberty University, which was founded by Jerry Falwell. Because of the Falwell association, the Christian university in Lynchburg, Virginia is often cast as being intolerant and hostile to LGBT individuals, and the author debunks that theory.

Brandon Ambrosino’s excellent piece is entitled “Being Gay at Jerry Falwell's University” and it’s well worth reading. Brandon writes:
After a few minutes, I got out bed to get a drink, and there in the kitchen, I found my roommate Jake looking into the open refrigerator, buck naked.
"Oh, hey, man," he said when he saw me. "Midnight snack?" he asked.
"Yeah, I just can't sleep."
"I hear ya," he said, and bent over to grab some jelly from the bottom shelf.
And as I looked at his perfectly formed, muscular ass, I closed my eyes and asked myself, "Why would I, the world's most hypersexual fag, come to Jerry Falwell's university?!"
It's a typical story, really. Boy meets girl. Girl goes to college. Boy follows her to college. Girl decides to date other boys. Boy decides that's a good idea, and also dates other boys. Like I said, typical.
The Christian News Network  wrote about Brandon’s article, and reporter Heather Clark couldn’t hide her anti-gay bias. The headline says “Liberty Student Turned ‘Gay’ Counseled to ‘Like Himself,’ Tells of ‘Homoerotic Man Games’ on Campus”. The ignorance reflected in the characterization that a “student turned gay” is staggering, and I hope that mentioning “homoerotic man games” causes more people to seek this thoughtful piece out. Clark writes:
Lynchburg, Virginia A pastor’s son and former student at Liberty University turned open homosexual released an article this week outlining his personal experience at the Christian educational institution, noting that none of his counselors or professors ever sought to turn him from the homosexual lifestyle. Now Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. is acknowledging the student’s story and affirming that staff handled the matter in a way that is consistent with university protocol — to love and not judge others.
The Christian News Network article doesn’t contain a link to The Atlantic, and doesn’t mention where someone can find it. Clark lifted ten paragraphs of Brandon’s heartfelt writing word for word, with no attribution or link. Fair use copyright law allows using quotes from an article with proper attribution, and the Christian News Network  didn’t do that.

I guess the Christian News Network is afraid that someone might read the original piece, and they too might “turn gay.”

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