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April 30, 2013

Jive 5: Five Jason Collins Stories You Need To Read About Him Saying "I'm Gay"

The Atlanta Journal Constitution's April 30, 2013 editorial cartoon by Mike Luckovich that depicts Jason Collins "Coming Out"

If you only read five articles about NBA center Jason Collins announcement that he’s gay, I would recommend that you read these five.
1. In the last 24 hours since Jason Collins came out, hundreds of articles have been written about his pronouncement that he’s gay. In his Sports Illustrated personal essay, which was written with Franz Lidz, I was brought to tears. I highly recommend reading “Why NBA center Jason Collins is coming out now.”

2. Fox News columnist Sam Gardner reached out to Matthew Shepard’s parents, who were unaware that Jason wore number 98 to honor their son’s memory. It’s a touching and heartwarming column, so be sure to check out “Collins’ act wows victim’s parents.”

3. Jason Collins has a straight twin brother who was his teammate in high school and college. Jarron Collins played for 10 years in the NBA, and he writes in Sports Illustrated that “I’ve never been more proud of my brother.”

4. ESPN writer Kevin Arnovitz asks “In which workplace, family, school or community would we not want someone to feel like the best version of himself and committed to his well-being?” Writing for the True Hoop blog, “Jason Collins and the pride of identity” is worth reading.

5. Martina Navratilova wrote an opinion piece for Sports Illustrated and contends that “Jason Collins is a game changer.” I agree wholeheartedly.

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