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April 19, 2013

New Zealand Says “I DO” To Gay Marriage

New Zealand passes gay marriage bill

Gay marriage is now legal in New Zealand, and the picturesque island nation is the 13th country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage. The marriage equality bill passed in New Zealand’s parliament by a vote of 77 - 44.

New Zealand is the first english speaking country to completely embrace marriage equality, and that’s fantastic.

The legislation was sponsored by gay Member of Parliament (MP) Louisa Wall.

New Zealand Herald reporters Isaac Davison, Audrey Young, Kate Shuttleworth, and Matthew Backhouse wrote about the historic day.
Green MP Kevin Hague, National list MP Tau Henare, deputy Labour leader Grant Robertson, Labour MP Maryan Street and convenor of the Marriage Equality campaign Conrad Reyners clapped when Ms Wall spoke.
She said she had only ever really hoped the`Yes' vote would reach 61.
"I never would have thought that Parliament would have overwhelming supported it - so far two-thirds of Parliament have endorsed marriage equality.
Reverend Margaret Mayman said she was delighted the bill had passed.
"I am so convinced that it's not going to adversely affect people of faith. People of faith are going to be able to hold their religious views.
We know the sun will come out tomorrow and everyone can have a big breathe and move on.''
Same-sex marriage supporters at the Campaign for Marriage Equality party in Wellington cheered loudly and applauded as the bill was passed into law.
More than a hundred supporters gathered at the San Francisco Bath House bar on Wellington's Cuba St to watch the vote.
There was a din of anticipation in the moments before the vote was announced, followed by a hush as the vote was read.
The bar then erupted into cheers and applause. Supporters embraced and joined in a waiata following the vote.
Scott Summerfield, 22, said he was thrilled with the outcome.
"I just got a text from my mother ... and I was quite thrilled to have her say she thinks I should have the same opportunities as my brother, who's straight, so that's really nice to have that support from my parents.''
Mr Summerfield said the atmosphere had been great.
"It really feels great to be gay and alive in New Zealand at the moment. I'm really proud of the waiata we sung - it was amazing.''
A waiata is a Maori song that commemorates an important or special event, and legalizing gay marriage is both special and important indeed.

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