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April 18, 2013

Photos: The FBI Is Seeking Your Help

FBI Seeking information poster of suspect # 2

FBI seeking information poster of suspect # 1

When the Boston Marathon was bombed, the perpetrators didn't just bomb Boston, they bombed our nation. The aftermath could be felt from Boston to the Bay Area here in California, and we will all be citizens of Boston until the perpetrators are brought to justice.

Terrorists can bomb our people and physically hurt us and destroy lives, but they will never extinguish our spirit.

The FBI is asking for the public’s help to identify 2 suspects in the Boston bombing investigation. Special Agent in Charge Richard DesLauriers made the following statement:
Today, we are enlisting the public’s help to identify the two suspects.After a very detailed analysis of photo, video, and other evidence, we are releasing photos of the two suspects.
They are identified as Suspect 1 and Suspect 2. They appear to be associated.
Suspect 1 is wearing a black hat
Suspect 2 is wearing a white hat.
Suspect 2 set down a back pack at the site of the second explosion just in front of the Forum Restaurant.
We strongly encourage those who were at the Forum Restaurant who have not contacted us yet to do so.
As you can see from one of the images, Suspects 1 and 2 appear to be walking together through the marathon crowd on Boylston Street in the direction of the finish line. That image was captured as they walked on Boylston in the vicinity of its intersection with Gloucester Street.
As you can see, the quality of the photos is quite good, but we will continue to work on developing additional images to improve their identification.
Further, on, we have videos of the suspects. The photos and videos are posted for the public and media to use, review and publicize.
For clarity, these images should be the only ones—the only ones—that the public should view to assist us. Other photos should not be deemed credible and unnecessarily divert the public’s attention in the wrong direction and create undue work for vital law enforcement resources.
No bit of information, no matter how small or seemingly inconsequential, is too small. Each piece moves us forward towards justice.
It is extremely important to contact us with any information regarding the identities of Suspect 1 and Suspect 2 and their locations.
We considered them to be armed and extremely dangerous. No one should approach them. No one should attempt to apprehend them except law enforcement. Let me reiterate that caution. Do not take any action on your own. If you see these men, contact law enforcement. If you know anything about the bombings or the men pictured here, please call the telephone listed on the photo arrays—that’s 1-800 CALL FBI. Again that’s 1-800 225-5324. All calls will be kept confidential.
We also have established a website for tips that directly relate to the bombing— Again, that website is
The photos can be viewed on our website:

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