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April 12, 2013

The Watercooler: 5 Gay LGBT News Stories You Need To Know

The statte of gay marriage in the USA - marriage equality map April 2013

Delaware Considers Gay Marriage, Gay Couples And Hospital Visitation, NHL Fights Homophobia, Boy Scouts California Tax-Exempt Status in Danger, GOP Vows to Remain Anti-Gay in LA

1. Delaware Governor Jack Markell announced that legislation to allow gay marriages in the nation’s first state was being introduced yesterday in the state Senate and General Assembly. The bill would extend marriage equality to all the residents of Delaware. The state legislatures in Minnesota, Rhode Island, Illinois, and Texas are currently considering same-sex marriage legislation.

2. A gay Missouri man, Roger Gorley, was arrested when he refused to leave his partner Allen Mansell’s side, who is hospitalized at the Research Medical Center in Kansas City, Missouri. The gay couple were joined in a civil union five years ago, and Gorley has a medical power of attorney, to make medical decisions on behalf of his partner. His partner’s family asked Gorley to leave, and when he refused, they called hospital security. The Federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is investigating the hospital’s actions.

3. The National Hockey League (N.H.L.) announced that they’ve formed a partnership with the You Can Play Project, to train and counsel players and teams, about contemporary gay psycho-social and political issues. The You Can Play Project is a gay advocacy organization that was formed to fight homophobia in professional sports.  

4. The California State Senate Committee on Governance and Finance passed Senate Bill 323 (SB323) by a vote of 5-2. This legislation rescinds the tax-exempt status of any non-profit youth organization that discriminates against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning, individuals. The Boy Scouts of America is considering changing their “no gays allowed” policy, and if they don’t enact a policy that is more tolerant and accepting, they would lose their tax-exempt status in California if SB323 becomes state law

5. The Republican National Committee is meeting in Los Angeles for their annual Spring meeting, and the issue of marriage equality is on their agenda. Michigan state committeeman Dave Agema has introduced a resolution to reaffirm the GOP position that they are against gay marriage, and believe that marriage is valid only when the union is comprised of a man and a woman. They are scheduled to consider the resolution later today.

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