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April 15, 2013

TV Talk: Project Runway Is Still Gay Gay Gay!

TV Talk - Project Runway Team's Edition Season Eleven Cast

Lifetime Television’s Project Runway season eleven is the first ever “teams edition” of the fashion design reality television show, that premiered 3 months ago. Just in case you’re curious, the show’s still gay gay gay.

Fashion designer Zac Posen replaced the queen of one liner’s, and my personal favorite judge, Michael Kors, and I really miss his sarcasm and sense of humor. Kors will be a guest judge for the finale. Series regulars Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, and the uber-fabulous Tim Gunn, returned for their eleventh season.

The competition started with 16 fashion designers that “were in”, and 12 competitors have been told “they’re out”. The 4 remaining contestants will be designing a twelve look collection for New York Fashion Week, and the Project Runway Finale - Part 1 will air this Thursday. (Check your local listings for the time in your area).

Project Runway Team's Edition Season Eleven Contestant Michelle Lesniak  Franklin reacts to her second chance.

In the world of professional fashion design and garment manufacturing, it’s a collaborative effort, and in episodes 1 - 9, the designers collaborated and competed as teams. In episodes 10 and 11 the designers were assigned previously eliminated designers to assist them with their work, continuing the “team” concept.

Project Runway  “teams edition” created more conflict and drama than usual among the fashion designers, and from that perspective, I would judge the season as a success.  

In Episode 11 - “Finally On My Own”, the 5 designers were told to design an editorial look for Marie Claire. They were also told not to design a t-shirt and a pair of pants, and Michelle Lesniak Franklin didn’t follow directions, and designed a t-shirt and pants. While Michelle won two previous challenges, she was facing elimination. The judges conferred, and no one was eliminated and Michelle got a second chance.

Last week’s Episode 12 - “Europe, Here We Come” saw the designers traveling to a European fashion capital to draw inspiration and purchase their fabric. Michelle was still facing elimination, and she stayed in New York. This episode determined which four designers would move on to design a collection for fashion week.

Daniel Esquival went to Berlin, Layana Aguilar visited Barcelona, Stanley Hudson flew to London, and Patricia Michaels travelled to Paris.

Project Runway Team's Edition Season Eleven contestant Daniel Esquival and his episode 12 runway look.

Daniel designed a cute white pleather structured jacket and cool black dress, and the look was young and fresh.

Project Runway Team's Edition Season Eleven contestant  Michelle Lesniak Franklin and her episode 12 runway look.

Layana designed a well constructed and beautiful jacket, and a blouse with long unusual sleeves.

Project Runway Team's Edition Season Eleven contestant Michelle Lesniak Franklin and her episode 12 runway look.

Michelle more than redeemed herself with her gorgeous gray cashmere strapless dress, and a reversible patent leather breastplate.

Project Runway Team's Edition Season Eleven contestant Patricia Michaels and her episode 12 runway look.

Patricia created an original textile inspired by Parisian graffiti, and crafted an avant garde jacket and a black pant.

Project Runway Team's Edition Season Eleven contestant Stanley Hudson and his episode 12 runway look.

Stanley created a “Georgian inspired” long black dress lined with sequins, and a short black cape.

Project Runway Team's Edition Season Eleven judges and contestants.

No winner was chosen this week, and one designer was facing elimination.

Even though a winner wasn’t chosen - I thought Michelle was the clear winner, with Daniel as a close runner up. 

Heidi called Layana’s coat a “house coat,” and while I didn’t love the long sleeved blouse, 

I thought her fabric, design and construction was superb. Patricia took a chance and designed something daringly different, and I thought her look was more commercial than Stanley or Layana’s. 

I was completely underwhelmed by Stanley’s look, and didn’t find it special at all. Does a modern woman want that black short cape and gown hanging in their closet?

If I was a judge, I would have eliminated Stanley. I’m not a judge, and Layana was eliminated, and Heidi bid her “Auf Wiedersehen”.  

Layana was always cheering on the other contestants throughout the season, and had an optimism that was endearing and infectious. She's talented too, and I was sorry to see her eliminated.

Stanley acted like a haughty queen in episode 11, and he bullied and berated his assistant Tu Suthiwat Nakchat. His behavior was inexcusable, and he lost me as a fan.

Michelle, Daniel, Stanley and Patricia are the final four designers advancing to New York Fashion Week. On this week’s episode - they will present three pieces to Heidi, Nina and Zac, to determine which three designers will move on to compete for the grand prize.

Which designer do you think will be eliminated next?

Let me know in the comment section below!

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