April 23, 2013

TV Talk: Project Runway Teams Edition - The Final Three

TV Talk - Photos of Project Runway Teams Edition Finale Part 1 - Judges Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia and fashion design mentor Tim Gunn

On Lifetime’s Project Runway Season 11 - Finale Part 1 episode, we saw the four remaining fashion designers show their best three looks, to determine which 3 contestants would get the opportunity to compete for the Project Runway crown.

Project Runway Season 11 - Finale Part 2 will air this Thursday April 25th, 2013. Check your local listings for the time in your area.

The fantabulous fashion design mentor Tim Gunn traveled to each of the fashion designer’s homes, to review their work in progress. That’s always one of my favorite episodes, because you get to see a side of each contestant, that you never see during the course of the season.

The designers then returned to New York, to do some last minute model fittings and alterations, in preparation for their last runway show before New York Fashion Week. The designers had to show three looks to the judges, to determine which 3 would move on and show their 12 looks during Fashion Week.

The designers were tasked with designing a Fall 2013 collection, and I have to admit that the lack of color in each collection surprised me.

TV Talk - Project Runway Teams Edition Finale Part 1 - fashion designer Stanley Hudson and his 3 looks

Stanley Hudson was up first, and judge Zac Posen called his looks “chic banal.”

TV Talk - Project Runway Teams Edition Finale Part 1 - fashion designer Patricia Michaels and her 3 looks

Patricia Michaels was next, and while she received mixed reviews, the judges were impressed with her skills, and her handiwork with unconventional materials.

TV Talk - Project Runway Teams Edition Finale Part 1 - fashion designer Daniel Esquivel and his 3 looks

Daniel Esquivel chose 3 looks that were black, and devoid of color. Judge Heidi Klum said that she was “underwhelmed” and that there was nothing “young or hip” in his 3 looks.

TV Talk - Project Runway Teams Edition Finale Part 1 - fashion designer Michelle Lesniak Franklin and her 3 looks

Michelle Lesniak Franklin showed 3 looks that were the most cohesive, and she received generally high marks from each judge.

TV Talk - Project Runway Teams Edition Finale Part 1 - final 3 fashion designers competing to win. The 3 designers are Michelle Lesniak Franklin, Patricia Michaels, and Stanley Hudson.

The judges deliberated about who they were going to eliminate, and Nina Garcia said she was disappointed by the boys. Heidi referred to Stanley and Daniel as the “snooze boys” - and it was obvious that one of the guys would be eliminated.

The judges decided that Daniel “was out” - and Stanley joined Michelle and Patricia as the 3 finalists to compete for the grand prize, and the Project Runway Season 11  crown.

The very funny uber talented gay fashion designer Michael Kors - will be the guest judge in the last episode. Don’t miss it!

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