May 19, 2013

Jive Five: The 5 Most Popular Blog Posts of April 2013

Jive Five 5 most popular blog posts from April 2013

The 5 most popular blog posts in April were actually the 7 most popular blog posts in April 2013, and they’re blog posts that I’m really proud of. I wrote about the history of gay marriage and the legal challenges that preceded the historic US Supreme Court oral arguments in March, and that was the most viewed blog post in April.

If you haven’t seen the performance of the one minute poem that indicts Rep. Michele Bachmann for her extremist views, it’s worth watching. The other popular blog posts were related to gay marriage, the lesbian Prime Minister of Iceland, Barbara Walters, Project Runway, Bill Clinton, and Fox News.

7. Fox News Calls Anti-Gay Hate Groups “Christian Ministries”

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