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May 27, 2013

Robbie Rogers Small Step Is A Giant Leap For Gay Rights

Gay Los Angeles Galaxy player Robbie Rogers made history last night.

Los Angeles, California --- History was made last night when gay soccer player Robbie Rogers walked onto the pitch with 13 minutes left, and a 4-0 lead. He became the first openly gay professional athlete to play for a team in a US major league sport, as the Los Angeles Galaxy defeated the Seattle Sounders.

Writing for The New York Times, Billy Witz described the historical significance of Robbie entering the game last night.
The playing time for Rogers on Sunday was the latest step in disassembling what is often referred to as society’s last closet. From pioneers like the former N.F.L. player Dave Kopay to more recent ones like the basketball player John Amaechi, men in team sports have been fearful that coming out would force them to end their careers. But momentum has gathered, as it has for other gay rights, and last month the N.B.A. player Jason Collins announced that he was gay.
But Collins, a free agent, will not be able to play until next season, and he will have to find a team to sign with. His announcement was greeted with great fanfare. As a result, perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the environment Sunday night was how unremarkable it was.
Unremarkable to him perhaps - but remarkable to me!

Congratulations Robbie! Your community is awfully proud of you.

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