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May 7, 2013

Stop The Bullets. Kill The Gun.

On January 8th,  2011 a mentally deranged shooter tried to assassinate US Representative Gabrielle Giffords. He wounded the Congresswoman and 12 others, and murdered six Americans that day.

Since then, there have been at least 11 firearm massacres, including the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, where 20 innocent children were murdered along with six of their teachers.

To date, Congress has failed the American people.  They have done NOTHING to combat gun violence.

Every day, 33 Americans are murdered with guns – and that’s 20 times the gun murder rate of other developed countries.

The inaction by our do nothing Congress is pathetic and an embarassment. We have to demand change, and we must hold our elected representatives accountable.

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I saw this graphic on tumblr, adapted from a Youtube video , and wanted to share it with a larger audience, because I think it’s disturbing and powerful. The video was produced by the International Action Network On Small Arms (iansa). 

Stop the bullets. Kill the gun. Now.

[The Youtube video is embedded below - and you can see it by clicking read more.]

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