May 22, 2013

TV Talk: Joan Rivers New Show "In Bed With Joan" Is Must See TV

Joan Rivers and Sarah Silverman from the new web series "In Bed With Joan"

Joan Rivers, the gay Icon and comedy legend, is starring in a new talk show called “In Bed With Joan.” Each week Joan interviews a celebrity guest from the comfort of her well appointed full-size bed, in her daughter Melissa’s Malibu home.

In my humble opinion, Joan Rivers is an American treasure. She’s been working as an actress and comedian for over 50 years, and she’ll be celebrating her 80th birthday on June 8th, 2013.

How many 80 year old women work as hard as Joan Rivers? None! Joan travels the world with her stand-up act, hosts “Fashion Police” on E!, stars in “Joan & Melissa - Joan Knows Best?” on We tv, and designs and produces Joan Rivers Classic Collection, her jewelry line, for QVC.

[To read the entire review, see the photos, and learn how you can subscribe to the show, click read more on the lower right.]

Scenes from Joan Rivers new online show "In Bed With Joan" starring Joan Rivers.

“In Bed With Joan” is being distributed online, and can be viewed at the “In Bed With Joan”  website, or on Youtube via the show’s channel (where you can subscribe), or you can subscribe to each episode via Apple’s iTunes.

Joan said “I’m so excited about my internet talk show because I can say anything I want, and I can ask any question I want. This is the first time I’ve ever had that --- there’s no network, there is no censor.  It’s my show and I can do what I want on it.” When Joan was asked why the internet, she said “On television you can say fuck, but on the internet you can do it!”

Screenshots from "In Bed With Joan" starring Joan Rivers and special guest  Sarah Silverman.

I’ve watched the first 9 episodes, and you should seek this show out if you like to laugh. Joan opens each episode with her celebrity guest hiding in her bedroom closet, and in her loving nod to the gay community, she says “Let’s see who is in the closet this week!”

Screenshots from "In Bed With Joan" starring Joan Rivers and special guest  Kelly Osbourne.

Her first guest was a personal favorite, the inimitable Sarah Silverman. Subsequent guests include Nick Kroll, a gorgeous and mature Kelly Osbourne, Belinda Carlisle, Adam Pally, the great Margaret Cho, Anthony Jeselnik, the amazing RuPaul Charles, Ed Weeks, Gary Busey, Kate Flannery, and Tichina Arnold.

Watching Joan interview her guests will remind anyone who watched either her daytime or late night talk shows, that she’s a terrific host and interviewer.

Screenshots from "In Bed With Joan" starring Joan Rivers and special guest  Margaret Cho.

I’m biased about promoting all things gay, so I particularly enjoyed Joan’s interviews with Sarah Silverman (an LGBT ally), Kelly Osbourne (an LGBT ally), Margaret Cho (unabashedly bisexual), and RuPaul Charles  (actor/singer/writer/comic/legendary drag queen).

We know that Joan isn’t fond of aging, but we have to wish her an early happy 80th birthday!

Screenshots from "In Bed With Joan" starring Joan Rivers and special guest  RuPaul Charles.

Check the show out for yourself, and subscribe to the show via one of the methods I described above.

Who was your favorite guest? Let me know in the comments below.

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