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June 2, 2013

As We Murder Our Environment, The Silence From Congress Is Deafening

Hurricanes,Tornadoes, and Floods, Oh Why!
Hurricanes,Tornadoes, and Floods, Oh Why!  

There were at least 5 tornadoes that touched down in the Oklahoma City area on Friday, and the death toll currently stands at 9 people. Just 12 days ago 24 people were killed in a devastating tornado that ripped through Moore, Oklahoma.

The National Weather Service reported that the strongest twister was categorized as an EF-3 just south of El Reno, Oklahoma.

These devastating weather events exact a toll far beyond the reported death toll. There’s grapefruit sized hail, thunderstorms that cause widespread flooding, with homes and businesses damaged and destroyed, and interstate highways littered with twisted cars and flipped trucks.

My heart, my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by these storms.

There are times that I think, why do people continue to live in an environment where there’s a high probability that these weather events will continue? It’s not easy to just pick up and move. People want to live near their family, or stay close to their roots. I live in an area that’s prone to earthquakes, and I can understand why people want to live where they’ve established their lives.

These horrific storms are a recent phenomenon, and as these tornadoes and hurricanes become more common, and global warming continues to increase the surface sea temperature,  we will see the direct effect on atmospheric moisture, which fuels tornadoes and causes severe storms.

Whether people want to attribute climate change and global warming on man-made factors or not, we have to acknowledge that our dependence on fossil fuels is destroying our environment.

The mantra “drill baby, drill” made famous during the 2008 presidential campaign is one of the most ignorant and harmful political phrases in recent times.

We live in a nation that is home to the best and brightest research scientists in the world, and I find it baffling that we haven’t found alternative sources of energy that won’t destroy our environment, to fulfill our energy needs.

When you consider that the United States spends more money on our military than the next 13 countries combined, I can’t help but question our priorities. What good is defending a nation that will crumble under the weight of climate change?

In March of 2012, during the heat of the 2012 presidential primaries,  there were deadly tornadoes in the midwest, and I wrote:
When you think about the severe weather and tornadoes that have devastated the mid-section of our country over the past few years, with all of those vibrant lives lost, is it worth sacrificing more lives just for a small amount of oil?

When you see the devastation and destruction, and you know that climate change has a direct impact on our lives and these weather systems, do you say drill baby drill? If you do - you need your head examined.

When you know there's a link between all of these factors, and the dumb politicians keep saying drill baby drill (some of them with stock in oil companies) because it's good for them but not the people, isn't it time to send a message to the Republicans and these alleged smart men - and vote to send them home to play golf and spend more time with their wives and mistresses.

Now you can act to do what's best for you and your family. And drilling isn't it. This is pure common sense!
Over a year has gone by, and we’re nowhere closer to finding a viable alternative to our dependence on fossil fuels. From Hurricane Sandy to these tornadoes, how much more devastation do we have to see before our nation’s leaders wake up.

We’ve got to end our reliance on oil, and find an alternative fuel source that does less damage to the environment, and we’ve got to do it NOW.

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