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July 26, 2013

NYC Politics: A Kosher Weiner Is Revealed To Be A Pig

Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin chat before a press conference.

During the years that I lived in Manhattan, on election day, I’d walk about 100 feet to Macdougal Street, cross the street, and head for the lobby of an NYU dormitory. They had at least a dozen voting booths set up. You’d enter the booth and pull a giant lever to close the musty stale  curtain, which ensured your privacy as you voted.

I was an independent, so I never voted in the party primaries. I voted Republican back then, and remember voting for Rudy Giuliani for mayor, in the last city election I voted in, as a resident of New York.

New York city politics never had enough intrigue and drama to capture my attention. I was attuned to what was happening in Washington, and didn’t devote any time to what was happening at City Hall in lower Manhattan.

New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn
I don’t know much about New York city politics today. I’ve paid attention to the fact that Christine Quinn could be the first female mayor, and the first gay mayor, of America’s largest city, and I think that’s fantastic.

When I heard that Anthony Weiner was running in the Democratic primary, I was surprised. While I was aware of Weiner’s ambition to be New York city mayor, I thought it might be too soon since he resigned from Congress, because of his sexting scandal.

Normally I think a politician deserves a second chance (Eliot Spitzer). If Weiner was contrite, and didn’t continue to lie to anyone, or engage in self-destructive behavior, I’d give him the benefit of the doubt.

In the months since Weiner announced his candidacy, he’s admitted to at least 3 online relationships, since he gave up his seat in Congress.

I watched Weiner’s press conference, and listened to his wife’s prepared remarks. I think their candor about receiving counselling is admirable, and there’s no question that  Huma Abedin (Mrs. Weiner) is an intelligent and honest woman, who loves her husband very much.

In my view, Weiner’s arrogance, and the disrespect for his wife and marriage, rules him out as a credible candidate for any office. His impulsive and compulsive behavior, after the scandal that forced him out of Congress, doesn’t just reflect poor judgement, it also shows that he has an outsized ego, and a blatant disregard for himself, his family, and New York voters.

If you live in New York city, I hope that you’ll give serious consideration to Christine Quinn, when you go to vote.

Anthony Weiner needs free time, so that he can get more counselling.

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