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August 9, 2013

Vladimir Putin Wants Gays On His Endangered Species List

Gay men kissing in Moscow's Red Square can land them in jail, and Putin wants them on his endangered species list.

I’m really glad that there’s momentum building around the world, to take Russia to task for oppressing and silencing their LGBT citizens. President Vladimir Putin has signed three anti-gay laws, and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender citizens of Russia are forced to live in fear.

This political oppression isn’t limited to LGBT people in the Russian Federation. Women have been targeted by the state security apparatus, and President Vladimir Putin’s political opponents have been targeted as well. Political bloggers have been jailed, the Pussy Riot punk band have been jailed, and LGBT activists have been jailed, for speaking out and criticizing Putin’s government.

In the last year, the Russians passed a law banning public protests, and a law to protect the “religious feelings” of Christians. The Atlantic’s  Deana Kjuka reports that “Putin recently signed an anti-blasphemy law under which offenders may be sentenced to up to three years in prison and fined up to 500,000 rubles ($15,000) for offending the religious sensibilities of Russian citizens.”

A reverend in the Russian Orthodox Church who supported Pussy Riot, and spoke out against the church and Russian government was found murdered this week. Rev. Pavel Adelgeim had written about Pussy Riot on his blog, and said “the women have unmasked the lie of the Russian Orthodox Church and its unnatural bond with the Russian Federation.”

The head of the Russian church has spoken out in support of the Russian government’s persecution of the gay community. The Russian news service RT reports:

The Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill sees the recognition of same-sex unions by Western countries as a portent of doom. He called upon Russians to ensure that sin is never formalized by the rule of law. 
"We face enormous temptations when countries start approving sin and codifying it into law in order to justify it,” Itar-Tass quoted the patriarch as saying after the Sunday service in the Kazan Cathedral on Red Square. 
Those who follow their conscience and “fight such laws imposed by the minority are subjected to repressions,” he added. 
Kirill urged Russians to ensure that sin is never formalized in the rule of law. 
“This is a very dangerous apocalyptic symptom, and we must do everything in our powers to ensure that sin is never sanctioned in Russia by state law, because that would mean that the nation has embarked on a path of self-destruction,” Kirill stated.

Whenever an alleged religious figure lies to people and says that LGBT people are sinners, and that laws that confer equality on a minority is sanctioning sin, I get pissed off. I want to scream from a mountaintop that every human being is guilty of sinning, and that God doesn’t say that one sin is better or worse than another, and the last time I checked the Bible says there’s a place in Heaven for EVERYONE.

Religious leaders in every religion need to go back and read the bloody thing (Bible pun intended).

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