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September 30, 2013

How About Defunding The GOP Terrorists In Congress?

Speaker John Boehner and the Republican party is a rudderless ship sailing to parts unknown.

The Top 4 Issues That Doom The Republican Party’s Future

They’re at it again. Whether the issue is “Obamacare” (the Affordable Healthcare Act), women’s health and reproductive rights, gay marriage, racial equality, voting rights, immigration reform, gun control, student loans, or food stamps and feeding the hungry, the Republicans“Party of NO” says no.

The Republican party today is terrorizing the American government and the people. To put it quite simply, they are imploding. Whether you turn on the TV news, open a newspaper, or listen to talk radio, all we hear about is their hair brained scheme to defund Obamacare, and shut down the federal government. If that doesn’t work, the GOP says that they will block any effort to raise the debt ceiling in 2 weeks, so that our government can’t pay their bills, because sending the US economy and the world’s financial markets into a tailspin, is great for the country in their view.

After the Republicans lost the 2012 presidential election, the grand poobahs of the party commissioned a million dollar study to figure out what went wrong, called the “Growth and Opportunity Project.” On page 4 of the report, the authors write:

Public perception of the Party is at record lows. Young voters are increasingly rolling their eyes at what the Party represents, and many minorities wrongly think that Republicans do not like them or want them in the country. When someone rolls their eyes at us, they are not likely to open their ears. 
The perception, revealed in polling, that the GOP does not care about people is doing great harm to the Party and its candidates on the federal level, especially in presidential years. It is a major deficiency that must be addressed.

Since that million dollar study was published, the GOP has done NOTHING to change the public perception of Republicans in Washington. Changing the perception of the party requires substantive change, and they’re so out of touch and inept at what they do, that they believe that blowing up the government and holding a gun to the head of Democrats in Congress, is the only viable solution.

The very real consequences of shutting down the federal government is beyond crazy, and it’s sinful that we have to wait until November of 2014 to vote them out of office.

The GOP continues to alienate women, minorities, the gay community, and the average American working stiff, and with any luck they are signing their own death warrant. They aren’t serious at all about governing, and we cannot allow them to continue terrorizing our government, the people, and our fragile economy.

1. Defunding Obamacare

The Affordable Care Act will extend health insurance coverage to over 30 million Americans that currently do not have any insurance at all. This "Act of Congress" was not enacted to create another social program. Healthcare costs were increasing rapidly and negatively impacting our economy, while increasing federal budget deficits. This new law reduces federal deficits, and the GOP refuse to acknowledge that fact.

Obamacare was a Republican and Heritage Foundation proposal until President Obama embraced the law. When Obama threw his support behind the measure, Republicans and the teabaggers became apoplectic, and fought the bill’s passage. The GOP never suggested an alternative, and claim that they can see into the future, and know that Obamacare will destroy the American economy, despite the fact that the law doesn’t go into place until tomorrow. So they want to "defund Obamacare." Ha!

A bill was proposed and passed in Congress, and was signed by the president, upheld by the Supreme Court, and is the law of the land. Yet the GOP refuses to accept the will of the people, and the legislative process, that’s articulated in our Constitution. Go figure.
Anyone with a brain knows that Obamacare won’t destroy our economy, and that Republicans in Congress are hell bent on inflicting terror on others, because the GOP’s primary aim is to inflict pain on the people, and destroy the fragile economy on their own.

2. Don’t Raise The Debt Ceiling

Our Constitution mandates that Congress is the legislative body that passes laws, raises taxes, and funds the government programs created by the laws that they pass. It’s a simple premise. The Constitution also requires Congress to uphold “the full faith and credit” of the United States, and pay our bills on time.

When the federal government couldn’t meet their financial obligations, they had to borrow money and sell government backed securities, to fund government operations, and this has been happening for decades.

During Republican administrations, members of Congress routinely raised the debt ceiling, and ensured that government would continue operating, and meet all financial obligations. During the Clinton and Obama administrations, Republicans have used the threat of a government shutdown, to make a political point.

If the GOP obstructs action in Congress to raise the debt ceiling, interest rates will soar, non-essential government services will cease, worker’s will be furloughed, and our nations military may not be paid. The world’s financial markets will go haywire, and any American with a 401K investment account will see the value of their portfolio plummet.

Any effort to not raise the debt ceiling will be catastrophic for our economy, and the American people. If Republicans hold the debt ceiling hostage, they will not achieve their insane goal of defunding Obamacare, but they will achieve their goal to destroy our American values and further damage the economy.

3. Derail Immigration Reform

The US Senate passed comprehensive immigration reform legislation with limited GOP support. Republican Congressman refuse to support the legislation, because they falsely believe that undocumented immigrants are criminals who snuck into the country in the dead of night on our southern border. They think the undocumented are law breakers who belong in jail.

The majority of undocumented immigrants in the United States arrived in a plane, and crossed the border at an airport. Millions of undocumented immigrants are children who were brought here by their parents.

The handful of Republicans in the Senate who supported immigration reform, only did so when Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) agreed to add language to the bill that would double the number of border security agents on our border with Mexico. Despite the fact that we don’t have a problem on our border, the GOP wants to militarize the border, and spend billions of dollars that is unnecessary, and add to our budget deficit.

The rhetoric surrounding immigration reform is puerile and divisive, and House Speaker John Boehner and the boys in his party will probably let this bill die on the vine, which is outrageous.

4. Who’s The Boss?

The Republican Party doesn’t have a credible national leader. Boehner is so ineffective, and afraid of losing his speakership, that he’s being held hostage by the 20 to 30 crazies in the House Republican caucus.

Presidential candidate Willard Mitt Romney has disappeared from the political landscape, and the crazies don’t respect former king-maker Karl Rove. Most people don’t know the name of the chairman of the Republican National Committee, and former Presidents George Herbert Walker Bush and George W. Bush, are silent on the sidelines, which has created a large void in the party today.

Fascist Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has tried to assume the mantle of leadership, and has alienated both Republicans and Democrats in the process. The man is a buffoon, who is only interested in raising his name recognition to boost a possible 2016 run for president. Heaven help us.

At the end of the day - there’s no Republican national leader with any credibility - that the party or the American people can trust or believe in. With no effective leader, the Republican party is on a rudderless ship, that’s setting sail for ports that are unknown.

Et Tu Brute!

This political theater of the absurd is not effective or entertaining. Republicans in Congress took an oath to uphold the Constitution, while their actions do the opposite. They subvert the will of the people, and undermine the political process, while they ignore their Constitutional duties.

The actions of a small minority in Congress are hurting millions of people throughout the country, and the ripple effect on millions of others, will be felt for a long time.

For anyone who cares about our future, we should start looking at who funds and contributes to the crazies in Congress. Forget the Koch Brothers, as they will never change. They are but 2 people funding these idiots, and there are many others. If Congress won’t be held accountable, we should turn to those who hold the purse strings, and demand that they be held accountable, because they are responsible for this mess too.

I’ve had enough of this bullshit. What about you?

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