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September 24, 2013

TV Talk: Cher Rocks The Plaza, Project Runway Says Adios Ken, A Fallen Soufflé Fells A Master

Music legend and gay icon Cher performed on "The Today Show" in the plaza, and Jenna Bush Hager, Hoda Kotb, Thomas Roberts, and Savannah Guthrie sang and danced to the hit song "Believe"

The Today Show

How fun and fantastic was it to see the ageless Cher rocking it out on The Today Show, in the plaza at Rockefeller Center, this morning? Just as festive on Today ...was watching Thomas Roberts, Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb, and Jenna Bush Hager, singing and dancing together to Cher’s live performance of “Believe.” I have to give a shout out to Thomas Roberts, for knowing every word of “Believe.”

"Project Runway" Season 12 - episode 10 Superfan!'s top 3 looks were designed by Justin Leblanc, Helen Castillo, and Bradon McDonald. Ken Laurence was eliminated.

Project Runway

Project Runway’s  Season 12 - Episode 10 - “Superfan!” saw the designer’s challenged to makeover a Project Runway  superfan. The episode was marred by Ken Laurence and his juvenile outburst, and anger management issues. Ken is 24 years old, and I was willing to give him some slack because of his age, and lack of experience.

Unfortunately, Ken’s talent as a fashion designer was no match for his explosive outbursts and bad behavior, and he sabotaged the opportunity he had on Project Runway,  to go all the way. He has talent, and his lack of maturity betrayed him. To be successful he’s got to learn how to be humble and kind. He didn’t earn the sense of entitlement he displayed on the show, and I’m confident that he will be a better person because of his elimination.

Justin Leblanc created an awesome look for his Project Runway superfan, and winner Helen Castillo designed a smashing look for her superfan client, and Helen was the winner.

Bradon McDonald, Alexander Pope, Kate Pankoke, Dom Streater,  Justin LeBlanc, Alexandria von Bromssen, and Helen Castillo are the 7 fashion designers left in the competition.

Project Runway  airs each week on Lifetime - Thursday nights at 9pm EDT and 8pm CDT.  

"Top Chef Masters" Season 5 - Episode 9 "Teacher Tribute" was the last episode prior to the finals, and chef David Burke was eliminated. Chefs Bryan Voltaggio, Jennifer Jasinski, and Douglas Keane are headed to the finals.

Top Chef Masters

On Top Chef Masters  Season 5 - Episode 9 “Teacher Tribute,” the chefs honored 4 inspiring teachers from the Los Angeles Unified School District, with meals prepared especially for them.

I was bummed to see chef David Burke eliminated. I’ve had two great dinners at his Park Avenue Cafe, and he seems like a super nice guy. A chocolate soufflé is no easy feat during the best of circumstances, and I can’t imagine having to prepare 60 at one time.

I wish that every season of Top Chef Masters and Top Chef had a teacher tribute episode. We should value and honor teachers for their selfless devotion to education. We pay members of Congress nearly two hundred thousand dollars a year to do absolutely fuck all (nothing), and teachers earn a fraction of that. Go figure.

Chef Bryan Voltaggio was the winner of “Teacher Tribute,” and he’s headed to the finals with my personal favorite on Top Chef Masters -  Season 5, chef Douglas Keane, as well as chef Jennifer Jasinski.    

Bravo’s Top Chef Masters  Season 5 can be seen on Wednesday night 10pm EST and 9pm CDT.

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