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September 16, 2013

TV Talk: Jeremy Told To Hit The Highway On Project Runway

Lifetime's "Project Runway" Season 12 designer Bradon McDonald with his winning look in episode 9 "Let's Do Brunch."

Lifetime’s Project Runway  Season 12 is marching on, and on Episode 9 “Let’s Do Brunch”, there were 2 winners. In a Project Runway  first, the bottom 3 designer’s were sent back to the sewing room, and given an hour to modify their look, for a second runway show to determine who would be sent home.

The Episode 9 challenge was to create a day or evening look for a “modern southern woman,” for Belk Department Stores. The winning look would be manufactured and sold by Belk.

Bradon McDonald, Alexander Pope, and Kate Pankoke, had the top 3 looks, and Jeremy Brandrick, Ken Laurence, and Dom Streater, had the bottom 3 designs. Justin LeBlanc, Alexandria von Bromssen, and Helen Castillo qualified to move on to the next round.

Bradon McDonald was the clear winner, and I loved his choice of fabric, and his design. Kate chose a beautiful fabric, though I thought the sleeves of her dress were too short. Alexander created a beautiful strapless dress, and he probably lost because of Nina Garcia’s obsession with bosoms, and her disdain for anything strapless.

The competition is getting more competitive, and I didn’t think that Ken and Dom’s designs were that far off from the 3 looks that were deemed “safe.” I did think that Jeremy’s design looked like something Camilla Parker Bowles might wear, because it was very “mother of the bride.”

Lifetime's "Project Runway" Season 12 designer Dom Streater with her bottom 3 and winning look in episode 9 "Let's Do Brunch."

The judges couldn’t decide who to send home, so they sent the bottom 3 back to the drawing board, to present a new look. With just one hour to work on a new design, they presented 3 new looks.

The judges were so taken with Dom’s new design, that they declared her a co-winner, and her new look will be manufactured and sold at Belk’s Department store, with Bradon’s look, which is fantastic. Ken improved on his design, and Heidi Klum kissed Jeremy goodbye.

This group of 8 fashion designers get the opportunity to create a collection for fashion week, even though we only get to see the top 3 designer’s collections during the finals. I think the remaining competitors might be the most talented fashion designers on Project Runway  to date. The Project Runway  finals have already taken place, as New York’s fashion week is over.

I really like the 8 remaining contestants, and it’s going to be tough to watch the next 5 eliminations.

Project Runway  airs each week on Lifetime - Thursday nights at 9pm EDT and 8pm CDT.  

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