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September 16, 2013

TV Talk: Yoon's Out Of Tune On "Top Chef Masters"

 "Top Chef Masters" Season 5 - Episode 8 "Lucha Vavoom" performers with host Curtis Stone.

Someone was listening...and Sang Yoon was told to pack his knives on Bravo’s Top Chef Masters  Season 5 - Episode 8 “Lucha Vavoom.” Sang somehow lucked out and endured for 8 episodes, and was well past his sell by date. Before the quickfire challenge, it was revealed that Sang Yoon does not allow ketchup in any restaurant he owns. WTF? The quickfire was a “ketchup” challenge chosen by Douglas Keane, and Sang bitched about it from start to finish.

I’m not big on ketchup myself, though I think it’s ridiculous and arrogant for any chef or restaurateur to ban a condiment in their restaurant. When a guest visits a restaurant, the guest comes first, and if someone wants ketchup, they should be able to have ketchup.

I’ve worked in restaurants where the chef gets pissed off because a guest orders a steak well done, or asks for A1 or tartar sauce.  In the end, smart chefs give the guests what they want, whether it’s ketchup, tabasco sauce, or an overcooked piece of meat. I know that it’s painful for a chef to prepare an overcooked steak, because as a server, I didn’t like giving a diner a piece of leather to eat. I’ve also learned that when a paying customer is held hostage by a chef’s ego, that the guest won’t come back.

All chefs moan and complain about acceding to a guest’s request that they characterize as being crazy, and nearly every chef that I’ve worked with gives the diner what they want. The restaurant industry is a service industry that caters to the needs of their paying customers, and that’s something that chef Sang Yoon is unaware of.

Bravo's "Top Chef Masters" Season 5 - Episode 8 "Lucha Vavoom" ketchup quickfire challenge judge Daniel Handler and host Curtis Stone.

Yoon was incredibly rude to San Francisco writer Daniel Handler, who was the judge of the ketchup quickfire. Daniel is the best-selling, award winning,  author of 13 Lemony Snicket novels.

Yoon is an arrogant asshole, who made a fool of himself on Top Chef Masters, and he was sent home for preparing a “Thai Style” shrimp cocktail, during a Mexican food challenge. DUH! Maybe he’ll learn from his mistakes, though I doubt it.

Chef Jennifer Jasinski won both the ketchup quickfire and the Lucha Vavoom Mexican food challenge, and chefs Bryan Voltaggio and David Burke, and Bay Area uber chef Douglas Keane, are deservedly still in the competition.

Bravo's "Top Chef Masters" Season 5 contestant scoreboard.

Bravo’s Top Chef Masters  Season 5 can be seen on Wednesday night 10pm EST and 9pm CDT.

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