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October 9, 2013

Republicans Are Full Of Shit

Last Spring the House Republican caucus passed the austere Paul Ryan (R-WI) budget, 228-191, which adds nearly a trillion dollars to our national debt.

Last week we saw a parade of Republican clowns every night on the evening news, talking about big bad “Obamacare.” Now they don’t care about that anymore. They shut down the federal government, and they’ve moved on to the debt ceiling.

This week - these Republican wackadoos refuse to raise the debt ceiling - and they are the very people responsible for our need to increase the debt ceiling.

This is the very basic truth of what’s happening today in Washington, DC.

We hear them say that defaulting on the national debt won’t be catastrophic, and yet no one calls out the GOP moaners and groaners for creating these problems, as they apportion blame to everyone else but themselves.

This is what true hypocrisy is. This game is criminal, and wreaks havoc on real people’s lives. That’s why the GOP should be branded as domestic terrorists, as they’re hell bent on blowing up the federal government and our economy.

Washington Republican insiders are counting on the fact that Americans are ignorant or apathetic, and don’t understand basic economics or care enough to discover the truth. Many of the major media outlets have refused to expose the truth, to reveal the tornado and firestorm that these GOP idiots refuse to extinguish.

Call your member of Congress and Senators, and tell them to stop the bullshit and get back to work. You can reach them at (202) 224-3121.

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