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August 20, 2014

Anyone With Half A Brain Knows “Ex-Gay” Ministries Are Doomed

A screenshot of the "Huffington Post" HUFFPO Gay Voices story that's entitled 'Anyone With A Brain' Realizes Gay People Shouldn't Be Treated Equally, 'Ex-Gay' Activist Claims, by Curtis M. Wong.

By Roy Steele

Every day we see a variation of this headline, “So and So” says that gay people shouldn’t get “special rights,” or “extra rights.” Sometimes a real brainiac will say “if gay people get rights, they’re taking away my rights, and that’s not right.” Of course the brainiac usually can’t articulate what rights are being “stolen,” but the media still reports that the comment was made.

When a state embraced marriage equality, no one’s rights were taken away. When a city passed a non-discrimination ordinance, no one’s rights were taken away. When a Fortune 500 corporation implemented a non-discrimination policy in their hiring practices, no one’s rights were infringed upon. When a school district adopted anti-bullying measures, no one’s civil rights were abridged.

Gaining civil rights is about being on equal footing in the eyes of the law, just like our heterosexual mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, our neighbors and our friends. That’s what equality is, it’s “the state of being equal in status, rights, and opportunities.”

The Huffington Post’s “Huffpost Gay Voices” section has an eye-catching headline that was posted yesterday, in an article by Curtis M. Wong, that says  ‘Anyone With A Brain’ Realizes Gay People Shouldn’t Be Treated Equally, ‘Ex-Gay’ Activist Claims.
“Ex-gay” activist Stephen Bennett fired off at the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community in an interview with Mission America’s Linda Harvey last week. 
Identified by Understanding the Times with Jan Markell” as a “former homosexual,” Bennett argued that “anyone with a brain” realizes that LGBT people should not be treated equally, Right Wing Watch first reported. 
“Look at the amount of change that has happened over the last several years because of just a handful of powerful homosexual activists,” Bennett said. “They’re basically marching in with their fist shaking, saying, ‘We demand equality, homosexuality is equivalent to heterosexuality.’ And folks, it is not.”
When these anti-gay “Christians” hawk their hate on right-wing radio stations, one would think that a listener would ask why these snake-oil salesman are promoting values that are inconsistent with scripture. The media rarely asks the question, because they don’t know what the Bible says, but listeners should know better.

Many Christians have been brainwashed to believe that the Bible is anti-gay, and against marriage equality, and that simply isn’t true.

The Bible condemns both heterosexuals and homosexuals as an abomination in a very specific context. Christians can’t cherry pick the gay bit, and not acknowledge the rest. It’s called hypocrisy, and the “Christian” brand suffers for it.

The Bible doesn’t contain one word about marriage equality, so regardless of how any Christian tries to justify their animus, the Bible doesn’t give them cover. Therefore we must attribute their anti-gay hate to either brainwashing, or they’re intrinsically an evil and hateful person.

This “ex-gay” nobody says that we shouldn’t be treated equally because he needs to justify his “ex-gay” status, in order to promote his “ex-gay ministry.” Pshaw!  Say it isn’t so!

An ex-gay ministry is a myth to begin with, and Stephen Bennett’s life and work is based on selling lies to vulnerable people. Stephen Bennett Ministries is based somewhere in Connecticut, and his website says that it’s an “evangelistic, educational, exhortational, and encouraging Christian ministry dedicated to ministering to homosexual-identifying men and women who are seeking change.” [Aside: Evangelistic and education should not be in the same sentence.]

If being gay was sinful, why does God keep creating gay people?

If someone is struggling with their sexual identity, they need all the love and support their family and friends can muster. Period.

One thing they DON’T need is an “ex-gay” ministry. This harmful therapy is banned in California and New Jersey, and will soon be banned in more states.

An “ex-gay” ministry is a truly an oxymoron. These organizations sell dangerous lies and misrepresentations about sexuality and being gay, while some use a very harmful Pavlovian approach to associate negative images, and negative thoughts, with their sexual being and who they are. When you add it all up it’s a recipe for disaster for each participant, and it often requires many more years of therapy with a qualified clinician, to heal the pain, and undo the damage, that an “ex-gay” program hath wrought on our lesbian gay bisexual and transgender brothers and sisters.

Stephen Bennett made an inflammatory remark because he can see the writing on the wall. Stephen Bennett Ministries is doomed if there is LGBT equality, and anyone with half a brain would know that. Right Mr. Bennett?

We’re not marching in and shaking our fists and demanding equality because we’re just like straight people, we’re demanding equality because we are human beings that believe in the principles of our founding fathers, that ALL PEOPLE ARE CREATED EQUAL.

straight talk in a queer world.  

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