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August 29, 2014

Review: LeAnn Rimes Musical Love Letter To Her Gay Fans

This is the cover art for LeAnn Rimes latest music album, and it features her hanging onto a sign in the Hollywood Hills overlooking Los Angeles, and she is wearing a corset and stockings and she is screaming at the top of her lungs.

Dance Like You Don’t Give A...Greatest Hits Remixes

By Roy Steele

As much as I dislike “gay” stereotypes, there is one “gay” stereotype that I wholeheartedly subscribe to and embrace, and that’s the fact that like many other gay men, I love dance music (including electronic dance music, house, heavy house, tribal house, trance, dance pop, hip-hop, etc).

Now that I’ve confessed that I’m a dance music devotee, I will also tell you that I’m an unabashed and fearless dancer, who has elbowed and shoved and pushed my way onto crowded dance floors here in the United States, and on at least 4 or 5  continents around the world, much to the chagrin of those who stood in my way!

Have I told you how much I Iove dance music?

I’m a classically trained musician and singer. I started studying music formally when I was ten years old, and continued to study through middle school, high school, college, and beyond. In spite of my extensive music training, or because of it,  it’s my emotional response to a song package (melody, vocals, and instrumental track) that determines my likes and dislikes.

[An Aside: I know that the gay community is very diverse, and that there are plenty of gay men who don’t like dance music. I have a very eclectic taste in music that extends far beyond the dance genres, and includes rock, classic rock, pop, hip-hop, punk, new age, R&B, jazz, classical, musical theatre, and anything interpreted by Frank Sinatra.]

It’s in that vein that I’m writing about an album that I’ve been listening to for the last week, over and over and over again. It’s a feel good album full of soaring dance anthems that you’re probably familiar with, and the songs make me smile, sing, and dance, and these remixes might have the same effect on you. This album feels like a love letter to gay dance music fans the world over.

LeAnn Rimes is one of the most talented female vocalists in the music industry and the world today. I don’t think that the average fan has any idea how phenomenal her instrument (voice) is.

LeAnn is a soprano with a three octave range, who can effortlessly transition from belting a country song from her middle register, to delivering an intimate ballad that requires intense emotion, to singing a pop song with a full voice and never ending chorus of arpeggios and whole notes, sustained for six to eight measures or more, without breaking a sweat.

She has sold nearly 40 million records worldwide, has had over 40 singles on the Billboard charts in her career, spanning Pop, Country, Contemporary Christian, and Dance.

In addition to her considerable musical talents, LeAnn is a huge proponent of gay rights and marriage equality. She sang with the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles in 2010, and sang “The Rose,” which was dedicated to the memory of the LGBT teenagers across the United States who took their own lives.

In 2011 LeAnn wrote “I believe in equality for everyone. I believe everyone should have the right to love and commit to whomever they want. All I know is that in God’s eyes we are all the same. I just wish we could see through the eyes of God more often.” Amen to that!

Three week ago Curb Records released LeAnn’s new album Dance Like You Don’t Give A...Greatest Hits Remixes, and this new release has many of her greatest hits, remixed by some of the best DJ’s/Producer’s in the music business today.

The track listing from the LeAnn Rimes album "Dance Like You Don't Give A...Greatest Hits Remixes"

There are thirteen digital tracks included on the album, available for purchase online, and twelve tracks are previously released hits, and one track is new.

The album features remixes from Cahill, Kaskade, 7th Heaven, Cicada, Fear of Tigers, Digital Dog, Dave Audé, Alias, Soul Seekerz, Fagault & Marina, and Headspinners.

The first track is “Gasoline and Matches (Dave Audé Remix),” from her 2013 album Spitfire, and she’s joined by Matchbox 20’s Rob Thomas on vocals, and legendary British musician Jeff Beck on guitar. Superstar DJ Dave Audé crafted a winning remix that’s perfect for the opening track, as the bright vocals shine, with an up-tempo beat, and dramatic flourishes that complement and enhance the original melody. I think that Dave Audé is one of the best remix masters in dance music today, and I really like this track.

[Please note:The digital download of LeAnn’s new album is on sale at for $5.99 if you click on the ad below left. A special commemorative double CD is available if you click below right]


“What I Cannot Change (Kaskade Remix)” is a brilliant reimagining of the original ballad, and hit number one on the dance charts in 2009. LeAnn really shows off her vocal chops in “Can’t Fight The Moonlight (Alias Remix),” and while my favorite remix of this song is the Thunderpuss Club Mix, this version is pretty hot.  “I Need You (Digital Dog Remix)” is a soaring and dramatic dance anthem, with a counter melody that will defy anyone to sit still. “Help Me Make It Through The Night (Fear of Tigers Remix)” is a sweet and dramatic love song that maintains the spirit of the  original,  while the closing track “Grace” is terrific, and is a collaboration with Crystal Method, which gives LeAnn a chance to tackle electronic dance music, and boy does she soar.

If you like big dramatic dance anthems, and you like LeAnn Rimes, you will really enjoy this album. LeAnn appeals to a huge gay fan base, Christian fan base, country music fans, pop music fans, and her crossover appeal has is a huge asset to her career today. That does not mean that every fan will like this album. Sample every song before you buy the album, or just purchase the songs you like.

LeAnn Rimes is one of the best female vocalists in contemporary music today, and if you like dance music, and want to dance like nobody’s watching and dance like you don’t give a shit, you can’t go wrong with Dance Like You Don’t Give A...Greatest Hits Remixes, especially if you’ve got “nothin’ better to do.”

See you on the dance floor!

straight talk in a queer world.  

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