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January 11, 2015

Texas Solicitor General Jonathan Mitchell Is Our Idiot Of The Week

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Gay Marriage News

New Orleans, Louisiana: On January 9th, 2015,  A panel of three Judges in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals met to hear oral arguments in three important gay marriage cases. The three cases were Texas’ De Leon v. PerryMississippi’s Campaign for Southern Equality v. Bryant, and Louisiana’s Robicheaux v. Caldwell

Texas Solicitor General Jonathan Mitchell asked the court to keep the gay marriage ban in place. Only “opposite-sex couples advance the state’s interest to prevent unplanned, out of wedlock births. Same-sex couples do not,” he said. “Same-sex marriage does nothing to advance the state’s interests,” said Mitchell.

Come again?

How on earth do gay couples have unplanned pregnancies? How do gay couples have unplanned births?

Scientists haven’t figured out how two gay partners can copulate and produce offspring. Gay couples can’t have an unplanned birth or pregnancy, whether we try or not.

It’s shocking to me that a Texas state official stood in open court and said the state wants to prevent unplanned births. What infuriates me is that he falsely claimed - that’s why the state opposes gay marriage. As if!

The state of Texas is trying to shut down every woman’s health center and abortion clinic within their borders. And the state claims that they want to prevent unplanned births by maintaining the ban? They are liars.

The state of Texas ranks third in the number of teen pregnancies in the US. Texas ranks fourth in the number of teen births. In 2008 there were over three hundred thousand unintended pregnancies.

How do you think the state of Texas is doing?

Is Texas preventing unplanned pregnancies? No!

Will maintaining the gay marriage ban help them reach their goal? NO!

There have never been any unintended pregnancies in the LGBT community.

When lesbians want to get pregnant - they have to plan for it. If gay men want a baby, they plan and plan and plan.

I think it’s easy to see why Jonathan Mitchell is our idiot of the week.

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