May 22, 2015

Gay Marriage: What Does The Bible Really Say

What is marriage? What does the Bible really say about marriage?  Image size=650px by 650px A photograph of a white wedding cake, and text that asks "what is marriage?"

Is religious freedom and bigotry synonymous?

I wrote an article for “Medium” entitled “What does the Bible really say about marriage.”
Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) excitedly told a crowd of evangelical Christians that “There is a liberal fascism that is going after believing Christians who follow the biblical tenets on marriage.” 
The “liberal fascists” in this case is the gay community, and Senator Cruz and his supporters are the “believing Christians” who are under attack. 
Excuse me while I look for my sympathy, and fetch my violin. 
Poor Senator Cruz was feeling victimized.

What does the Bible really say about marriage What does the Bible really say about marriage

straight talk in a queer world.   

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