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March 31, 2016

South Dakota's Governor Daugaard Rejects Transphobia

Map of South Dakota outlined in red with a marker indicating the location of Pierre (the state capital), Sioux Falls, and interesting facts.

It was toward the end of January that I first became aware of legislation introduced in the South Dakota House of Representatives to regulate who has access to restrooms and locker rooms. The law was specifically aimed at a small minority in the state and placed a target squarely on the back of the South Dakota transgender community.

South Dakota Politics And Me

I have more than a passing interest in South Dakota politics because my great-grandfather practiced law in South Dakota. Charles Tisdale Howard was appointed by President Benjamin Harrison to be the first South Dakota U.S. Attorney when the Dakota Territory became a state. He was very active in the Republican party and was later elected to the state Legislature and was Speaker of the South Dakota House.

March 29, 2016

Donald Trump wants everyone to like him. Not a fan.

 A photo of Donald Trump's eyebrows, forehead, and dyed hair on a black background.

A photo of Donald Trump's eyebrows, gray eyes, sweaty upper lip, and nose on a black background.

A photo of Donald Trump's lower lip, bleached teeth, chin, double chin and scar on a black background.

Donald Trump wants everyone to like him, and it’s no secret that I’m not a fan, straight talk indeed.

March 28, 2016

The Media and GOP Establishment Don't Understand Donald Trump

Donald Trump is speaking before a large crowd at a rally in Las Vegas, Nevada.

by Roy Steele for Medium:

An excerpt:

When I think about candidates in past elections for president, I can safely say that the major party nominees on both sides (Republican and Democrat alike) were pretty decent people who we got to know over the course of their campaigns. Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis, Bob Dole, Al Gore, John Kerry and John McCain had good intentions, and their hearts were in the right place. They exemplified civility, self-respect, dignity, experience, good manners and intelligence. Those old white men also had the right temperament to do the job. It was their policies and positions and lack of charisma that didn’t serve them well, and they all lost. 
I’ve heard countless people on both sides of the political spectrum say that the 2016 Republican party candidates for president don’t have the personal and professional qualities that we expect a major party’s nominee to have. Many pundits whisper that they think all the GOP wannabe’s aren’t suitable for the job and won’t win the big contest. Others profess that they’ll sit out the general election entirely.
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The Media and His Party Don't Get Donald Trump But I Do

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The American People Are Spoiled And Selfish Brats

Caricature of Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Ted Cruz
Creative Commons License Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz by Donkey Hotey is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

by Roy Steele

An excerpt:
It’s hard to wrap my head around the conflict in Syria, especially within the context of our lives here in the west. By comparison, we’re spoiled and selfish brats here in the United States. Our nation has the wealthiest people, the strongest economy, and a war machine that is second to none. We go to sleep at night knowing that any attack on our people, on our soil, will result in immediate retribution. We know that our armed forces are ready to protect us. The Syrian people don’t have that security. Some Americans claim that we could import terrorists by admitting refugees, as they ignore the Christian terrorists who live right next door.

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Americans Are Spoiled and Selfish Brats

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Con Job: Marketing And Selling Donald J. Trump

Three different photographs of Donald Trump to represent the many different faces of the candidate. The first photo is Trump with a man-bun, the second photo is Trump as a drag queen, and the third photo is Trump as a businessman.

by Roy Steele for Medium:

An excerpt:
He is aging and overweight. Intimates say he’s fastidious about his appearance. With manicured nails and a dyed and shellacked blonde mane, everyone recognizes him. 
He scrunched up his face and looked out at the audience. Both he and his congregants turned to find the noise. A man loudly muttered, “this is boooring.” 
“Get him out of here. Out out out,” he bellowed from his bully pulpit. In mere seconds, a goon squad appeared from nowhere, and they removed the man. 
Republican candidate Donald Trump held a town hall meeting at the Castleton Banquet and Conference Center in Windham, NH today. The capacity for the venue is 800 people and 600 showed up. Trump said the place was packed. Go figure.
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The Great Con Job of 2016

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