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April 29, 2016

Instagram: Should A Transgender Girl Use The Men's Room

A photograph of transgender model Corey Maison by photographer Meg Bitton

Transgender model Corey Maison - photographed by Meg Bitton Photography.

The transgender community have been caught in the crossfire of the fight for marriage equality and that's indecent, unjust and unfair to them. 

by Roy Steele

Should a transgender girl be forced to use the men's room?

The answer is simple. NO WAY should any trans boy or girl or Corey Maison be forced to use any bathroom. A trans person should go to the bathroom that conforms with their gender identity whether young or old. That's humane and compassionate and the right thing to do.

April 28, 2016

Aria in F Major: Requiem For Senator Ted Cruz's Campaign

Four photos of Ted Cruz's face that are joined to form a square, and each photograph is colored differently to resemble a Warhol painting.

by Roy Steele

That candidate who's called Ted Cruz,
His jokes bad taste do not amuse,
All gloom and doom he does accuse,
New York west coast lib’ral values.

Disliked aloof he just can’t woo,
People of color and women who,
Want equal rights long overdue,
That’s who we are red white and true.

Bombastic crude with a short-fuse,
His schemes repeal the right to choose,
In interviews he says he'll screw,
The middle class that's me and you.

Fools the voters
With what's unsaid
He markets hate.
A man we can’t admire
That loves to set brushfires
A brain like a pismire
Who looks like a vampire.

With no friends in the U.S. Senate,
Can't get along he only upsets it,
Changed his name to Texas Ted,
He's north of the border born and bred.

Obamacare’s out the door,
Gut Medicare and fund more war,
Those right-wing views seem like a ruse,
And too extreme for evening news.

He’s all for guns and Fox snooze,
And personhood just to confuse,
He lies he sins he quotes the Bible,
Jesse Helms’ best disciple.

Fools the voters
With what's unsaid
He markets hate.
Calls his leader a liar
Says our country's on fire
Everything is dire
Unqualified town crier.

Rafael Edward Cruz,
Rebel rogue and bound to lose,
No Pennsylvania Avenue,
No Air Force One. No sip of cru.

Says the GAYS  are too taboo,
Pardon my French merci beaucoup,
His Princeton brain does misconstrue,
So out of touch he's got no clue.

So long au revoir we bid adieu,
False prophets burn in Texas too,
The Father Son and Holy Ghost,
The Donald dude will miss him most.

Fools the voters
With what's unsaid
He markets hate.
Class he can’t acquire
Liar pants on fire
Makes us all perspire
Political quagmire.

Bigots should retire.

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April 27, 2016

Trump Romps, Cruz and Kasich Stomp, Samantha Bee Has A Field Day

A photograph of presidential candidate Donald J. Trump that has been divided into three photos (forehead, nose, mouth/chin) with a Trump quote on each photo.

2016 election results plus roy’s overtrump daily* and Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Real Estate developer Donald Trump continued his march toward being crowned the presumptive Republican nominee for president with decisive victories in five primaries yesterday. He won over fifty percent of the GOP votes in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware and Rhode Island.

Governor John Kasich (R-OH) and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) are in a fierce battle to convince voters that they are still relevant, despite having no chance to win on the first ballot at this summer’s Republican party convention in Cleveland.

April 9, 2016

Video: Florida Governor Runs From A Woman In Starbucks

Governor Rick Scott is standing at the Starbucks counter as a woman ten feet away yells at him over cuts he made to Medicaid.
Cara Jennings confronts Florida Governor Rick Scott about cuts to healthcare and women's health in a Gainesville Starbucks.

Does building a frigging wall on our southern border keep you awake at night? Jobs, housing, and healthcare are a different story.

by Roy Steele

GAINESVILLE, Florida --- Millionaire business investor Rick Scott is the current Republican governor of Florida. He was elected to his first term in 2010 and re-elected in 2014. The Tampa Bay Times  reported that Scott spent $75.1 million dollars of his own money during his first run for office, and he eked out a 1% (sixty thousand votes) victory over Democrat Alex Sink. There were 5.2 million votes cast in the 2010 contest.

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