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May 27, 2016

Gay On Gay Fight: Peter Thiel’s Hypocrisy vs. Gawker’s Hubris

This image has text across the top that says “Gay on Gay Fight,” and Gawker Media’s Gay Founder Nick Denton is pictured on the left, and San Francisco’s Gay Billionaire Peter Thiel is pictured on the right.
Gay On Gay Fight! Gay billionaire Peter Thiel (pictured right) came out and admitted he's funding lawsuits against Gawker Media, and their gay millionaire publisher Nick Denton (pictured left) is not contrite or apologetic.

A gay millionaire publisher hurt the feelings of a prominent gay billionaire years ago, and gay men have a long memory.

by Roy Steele

San Francisco, California --- The San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley is full of mythic figures that arrived here with a dream, and against all odds, created groundbreaking products and innovative companies that are synonymous with what we call the ‘American dream.’

The Birth Of Silicon Valley + Technology = Wealth

Silicon Valley's history began in a garage at the end of a Palo Alto driveway in 1938, when Dave Packard and Bill Hewlett built an audio oscillator. In the same tradition thirty-eight years later and 5 miles south in Los Altos, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne set up shop in the Jobs family garage, where they founded Apple, Inc.

From Google to Intel to eBay and Uber, these prominent Bay Area multinational technology companies have become ubiquitous around the world, because of their superior products and dominance in the marketplace.

May 16, 2016

Trump Used His Aliases For Much Worse -- Than Spreading Gossip

Donald J. Trump is pictured facing right, with his quote 'Women. You have to treat them like shit." Beneath his quote is a quote by Roy Steele that says 'Trump's a disgusting sexist pig from hell.'
Real-Estate developer and reality television personality Donald J. Trump (pictured above) is looking to sew up the GOP nomination for president, and defend himself from charges that he was making deceptive phone calls.

Donald Trump told a real whopper this week - and we've got fresh proof right here. What we can show is that when Donald Trump made deceptive phone calls over decades - posing as a Trump Organization vice president named "John Miller" or "John Barron" - he was not always puffing up his reputation as a…

May 14, 2016

Right-Wing Wackadoos Are Wrong About Transgender Freak Out

A photograph of Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch facing to the right, with a quote that says "There is no room in our schools for discrimination of any kind, including discrimination against transgender students on the basis of their sex."
"There is no room in our schools for discrimination of any kind, including discrimination against transgender students on the basis of their sex." Attorney General Lorretta E. Lynch  (Above)

The Anti-Gay Religious Right's Lack Of Decency, Disrespect And Bad Behavior Alienates Most Americans

Washington, D.C. --- Did you hear about the new LGBT education policy guideline that was issued by the Obama administration on Friday? How could you not! It created a tidal wave of lies, misinformation, and propaganda from anti-gay right-wing extremists, who have reloaded and directed their hateful rhetoric straight at the transgender community.

Yesterday the U.S. Departments of Justice and Education released a letter that was sent to educators in every school district in each county and state in the country, to provide joint guidance to administrators related to transgender students. They hoped to ensure that every cisgender AND transgender student can attend school in an environment that’s both inclusive and free of discrimination based on sex.

May 7, 2016

The Truth About Trump and Being Politically Correct

A caricature of Donald Trump,who is grimacing and holding out his right hand with the index finger and thumb indicating how small his brain is. Trump is the Republican party's 2016 presumptive nominee for president.
Donald Trump (pictured above), is the Republican party's politically incorrect 2016 presumptive nominee for president.
Image credit: graphic design and text by Roy Steele | Donald Trump caricature by 
Donkey Hotey

by Roy Steele

Iconic broadcaster Larry King has covered and interviewed world leaders and politicians for over fifty years, and he's interviewed real estate developer Donald Trump countless times over the last thirty years. At some point during each encounter, King asks Trump if he's a Republican or Democrat. Most times the answer has been the same. “I’m a Republican,” he crows.

Trump admitted to openly flirting with being a Democrat in the nineties before he considered running for president with Jesse Ventura and the Reform party. He officially registered as a Republican in 2012, and some people question whether he is really a card carrying Republican. The last GOP presumptive nominee with a Democratic Party past was Ronald Wilson Reagan, our fortieth president.

May 4, 2016

Trump KO’D Cruz - Ding Dong The Anti Gay Prick Is Gone

A caricature of Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) dressed as a witch with the text 'Ding Dong The Prick Is Gone' superimposed on the image.
Donald Trump knocked Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) (pictured above) out of the race. Ding Dong The Anti Gay Prick Is Gone!

Bernie Sanders Upsets Hillary Clinton In The Hoosier State

by Roy Steele

Indianapolis, Indiana --- Real estate developer and reality television host Donald J. Trump moved closer to being crowned the Republican party’s presumptive nominee for president after trouncing his rivals in the Indiana primary. Who’d have thunk it?

At the time of writing with 98% of precincts reporting, Trump captured 53.3 percent of the vote. Senator 'I hate the gays' Ted Cruz (R-TX) trails his rival by seventeen points (36.7%), and Governor John Kasich (R-OH) is behind by forty-six points (7.5%).

In the Democratic party contest, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) scored an impressive upset with a five-point victory (52.7%) over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (47.3%).

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