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May 4, 2016

Trump KO’D Cruz - Ding Dong The Anti Gay Prick Is Gone

A caricature of Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) dressed as a witch with the text 'Ding Dong The Prick Is Gone' superimposed on the image.
Donald Trump knocked Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) (pictured above) out of the race. Ding Dong The Anti Gay Prick Is Gone!

Bernie Sanders Upsets Hillary Clinton In The Hoosier State

by Roy Steele

Indianapolis, Indiana --- Real estate developer and reality television host Donald J. Trump moved closer to being crowned the Republican party’s presumptive nominee for president after trouncing his rivals in the Indiana primary. Who’d have thunk it?

At the time of writing with 98% of precincts reporting, Trump captured 53.3 percent of the vote. Senator 'I hate the gays' Ted Cruz (R-TX) trails his rival by seventeen points (36.7%), and Governor John Kasich (R-OH) is behind by forty-six points (7.5%).

In the Democratic party contest, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) scored an impressive upset with a five-point victory (52.7%) over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (47.3%).

Burlington’s Bernie versus Chappaqua’s Clinton

Despite Clinton’s loss in Indiana, it seems unlikely that Sanders will be able to catch up and be the Democratic nominee for President. Democrats are lucky to have two candidates that are smart and articulate. I like both of these candidates, and it will be easy to get behind either one come November.

I know that Clinton would like Sanders to get out of the race and clear the decks for her. At this point in 2008, Barack Obama wanted Hillary Clinton to concede defeat and quit the race. She didn’t do that in 2008, and Sanders isn’t ready to do that now. Regardless, the Democratic party is in good shape to win the general election, and it will be fun to see how this race plays out.

Oh What A Night

With Trump’s decisive victory over Cruz, he knocked him out of the race for president. Earlier in the day the anti-gay pseudo-Christian Senator said he’s in it to the end. By the time the polls closed in Indiana, Cruz had announced that he would suspend his campaign for president. With Texas Ted out of the race, it’s a time for anyone who cares about the future of our democracy to celebrate.

Ted Cruz will not go down in history as a reasonable man or effective politician. He tried to use identity politics and fear to win the nomination. His arrogance and ego would be stunning under normal circumstances, and he was able to stay in the race because one of his opponents was more arrogant and egotistical than he.

In the last weeks of his campaign, Cruz released ads to scare the public and demonize the transgender community, and lied about trans people being sexual predators. He reinforced his anti-gay credibility by falsely claiming that gay civil rights infringe on religious liberty. He held cunning campaign events featuring his mother, his wife, and Carly Fiorina, to attract support from women, and in the next breath vowed to ban contraceptives for the very women whose support he badly needed.

I hope you will all join with me in singing “Ding dong the anti-gay prick is gone!”

Ya Got Trouble In GOP City

With Donald Trump cruising toward Cleveland and the Republican party convention, it will be interesting to see whether the establishment wing coalesces around Trump. The primaries have exposed significant fissures among rank and file GOP voters. The biggest question remaining is whether Trump will widen the gap between the GOP electorate and their leadership, or can he unify the party behind his inflammatory campaign.

Veteran political reporters, Jonathan Martin, and Patrick Healy write about the Republican party’s conundrum for The New York Times.
As remarkable as Mr. Trump’s achievement is, his expected nomination also poses undeniable peril to the party he is poised to lead. Republican leaders, few of whom have fully embraced his candidacy, are watching him with great trepidation, for good reason. 
Mr. Trump starts the general election campaign with a still-unfurling roll of incendiary proposals and provocations that are the stuff of dreams for opposition researchers. He made his name in the last presidential campaign as the country’s most prominent birther, fueling debunked conspiracy theories that President Obama was not born in America; he has used hostile language about Hispanics, suggesting that Mexican migrants are rapists and murderers; and he has not backed off his proposal to ban all foreign Muslims from entering the United States, effectively creating a religious test for immigrants. 
No one is more eager to talk about those positions than Mrs. Clinton, who made clear on Tuesday that she wanted to sharpen her focus on Mr. Trump as soon as possible because the fight against him was likely to be bruising. 
Mr. Cruz, unburdening himself after a campaign in which Mr. Trump also mocked his wife’s appearance, responded with a flourish, called Mr. Trump a “pathological liar” and delved into his rival’s personal life. 
“Listen, Donald Trump is a serial philanderer, and he boasts about it,” Mr. Cruz said, directly raising Mr. Trump’s marital history for the first time. “I want everyone to think about your teenage kids. The president of the United States talks about how great it is to commit adultery. How proud he is. Describes his battles with venereal disease as his own personal Vietnam.” 
But the appeal did not work. Indiana Republicans proved willing to embrace Mr. Trump, the once unimaginable but now virtually certain nominee, regardless of the personal flaws and political shortcomings that would have once derailed would-be presidents.
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