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July 16, 2016

Election 2016 Video: It Makes No Sense But Trump Picks Pence

Trump for president campaign logos. The Friday logo (left) and the Saturday logo (right)

A bumbling and stumbling Donald Trump campaign chose a boring homophobic midwestern governor as his running mate. During the announcement in a New York midtown hotel, Trump rambled on about himself and almost forgot the reason why the press was assembled there.

by Roy Steele

History won’t be kind to Donald Trump. Under normal circumstances, with a credible candidate for president, rolling out the announcement of a running mate is usually a finely choreographed affair. Watching today’s press event confirmed that the Trump campaign is understaffed and overwhelmed, and everything about the announcement of his running mate seemed amateurish and unprofessional.

Trump started the week with three old white men in the running to be his pick for Vice President. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was reportedly the frontrunner, with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and Indiana Governor Mike Pence, under consideration as well. All three picks were highly flawed and would do little to attract support from voters outside of the Republican Party’s base.

This was an opportunity for Trump to show Americans that he was a competent leader who could make a smart decision. According to numerous press reports, after Trump notified Governor Pence that he was his pick, he tried to get out of it and felt he made a mistake.

Trump announced his pick via Twitter, and the campaign rolled out a new campaign logo that was universally panned, and it was changed in less than 24 hours.  During the press event, Donald Trump was Trump and rambled on and spoke about himself instead of introducing his choice for Vice President, though he did confess that he thought Pence was a very handsome guy. He exited stage left after introducing Pence, making it clear that he doesn’t like to share the stage.

Mike Pence gave an uninspired speech. After the Pence speech, Trump was nowhere to be found. I expected Donald Trump to come out and create a photo opportunity for the gathered press corps, as they would be photographed together to show party unity. Presidential candidates always clasp hands with their running mate and raise them in the air, while the audience cheers them on to battle on the campaign trail.

Mike Pence's wife and daughter appeared by his side after the moribund speech. There was no loud applause and no photos of the two candidates together.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump sends him home to Indiana and forgets about Pence. I already have.

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