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November 17, 2016

Twitter: My Election Day 2016 Thoughts In Tweets

The entrance to San Francisco's City Hall on election day November 8, 2016 by Roy Steele

by Roy Steele

My social network of choice is Twitter. I've automated posting my tweets to Facebook (so they're automatically posted to my Facebook account). I largely like the discourse on Twitter, in spite of the attacks from anonymous trolls (and I'm frequently targeted due to my outspoken nature). Twitter is unique because anyone, whether it's a person or a brand, has the potential for a tweet to be shared, liked and retweeted, which could have an impact and reach thousands of people. I also think it's a very good thing that Twitter is completely transparent. If only Twitter required all of their users to identify themselves, it would be perfect.

On Tuesday afternoon I walked over to San Francisco’s City Hall to turn in my vote by mail ballot in person. With half a million registered voters in San Francisco, and seventy percent turnout, there was a steady stream of people turning in their vote by mail ballots.

I snapped some pictures and spoke with some of my fellow voters, and we all were excited by the prospect of electing the first woman President of the United States.

My Tweets on Election Day 2016  

California's ballot was huge. Before setting out for City Hall I took a photo of my ballot reflecting my vote for Secretary Hillary Clinton for President.

With hours to go before the California polls closed, I implored my fellow citizens to vote.

The polls were still open in California for hours and the east coast results were rolling in. I started to worry about the results.

I voted for gay San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener for State Senate (he won), and was glad to see Hillary Clinton signs around the city.

I had written about my feelings for Donald Trump previously, and still feel that he is a whining con man who duped his supporters.

I felt strongly about electing Hillary Clinton and reiterated my support.

I'll write about my feelings related to this election in a separate blog post. I'm devastated about the results and am trying to write about my feelings in a thoughtful and respectful way (which isn't easy). Stay tuned folks!

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