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January 29, 2017

In Donald Trump’s America Gay And Sexist Slurs Are Back

In Donald Trump's America homophobia and sexism is back - American flag on the prairie.

I was ten years old and in the fifth grade when I first heard another kid use “gay” and “fag”in a derogatory way as hateful slurs. I don’t know if this is still true, but back then, ten-year-olds didn’t grasp the implications of WHAT they were saying and were repeating gay slurs they heard at home. Fifth graders knew that calling people a "homo" or “gay” or a “fag” was bad, and also knew that those particular terms were the worst words you could use that didn't cause your teacher to call home to tell your parents (unlike using the "F" word).

Watch 'Nasty Woman' From San Francisco Women's March

"Nasty Woman" San Francisco Women's March 2017 film short - cover art -

I proudly marched in solidarity with Bay Area women and everyone who participated in the San Francisco Women's March  on January 21, 2017.

The San Francisco Police Department estimated over one hundred thousand people took to the soaking wet streets to protest against Donald Trump and his sexist and nativist bigotry. Every age group was represented among the marchers, and the largest contingent appeared to be cisgender women.

January 22, 2017

Gay Men Talk About Our New Germaphobic President

Photograph of President Donald Trump as a drag queen (blonde wig, foundation, makeup, false eyelashes)
1,660 words | 8 minute read

by Roy Steele

I commissioned a very gay (and fierce) informal opinion poll Saturday morning when I went out for breakfast in the Castro, and asked a few gay men to share their thoughts about Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Gay Men Have An Opinion…Love Trumps Hate

A couple guys said they were impressed by the Trump women. One friend gushed, “Jackie Ho looked gorgeous!”

“You mean Melania Trump,” I asked.

January 15, 2017

Election Aftermath: The Gay Agenda Is Your Agenda Too

The Castro district rainbow flag with the text "The Gay Agenda" superimposed on the photo.
1,990 words | 9 minute read

by Roy Steele

As a gay man, I’m acutely aware that the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community is feeling nervous right now, because I’m feeling anxious too. There are lots of gay ‘survival guides’ online related to surviving the impending ‘climate change’ that’s happening in Washington, D.C. Unfortunately those guides do nothing to alleviate my fears.

January 8, 2017

Common Sense: End War On Drugs And Declare War On Addiction

A highway sign, set against a vibrant and cloudy sky, that says “Addiction Recovery Center” with a red arrow pointing to the left.
1,275 words | 6 minute read

I share a true story about me, my mother, a battle axe, and vodka.

by Roy Steele

When I was sixteen years old I had no idea that I was gay, despite struggling with my sexual identity. At that age I had other priorities in my life, and coming out or not coming out, wasn’t a priority.

One afternoon I was at a novelty store and I saw some bottle locks for sale. They were big, colorful, and round, with a numbered dial on the top of the ‘lock.’ It was a bottle cap with a rudimentary lock that could be placed on any bottle with a twist top, to prevent access to whatever was stored in the bottle. Without the combination, you couldn’t pour the liquid (liquor) out of the bottle into a glass.

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