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February 28, 2017

Is It Immoral For Adults To Cyberbully Gay or Trans Teens?

Katie Hopkins the flamethrowing British columnist.
Flamethrower, columnist, and cyberbully Katie Hopkins.

By Roy Steele

If you’re gay or African-American or a native spanish speaker, she claims that you have an unfair advantage among ‘liberals.’ She’s not clear about what you gain from that advantage, but this middle class woman makes it clear that she wants to preserve the advantages that accompany ‘white privilege.’

She’s unsympathetic to transgender issues because it’s a life choice’" she doesn’t agree with. “Do we really need to pander to the trans community and their whims? I say no,” she exclaims.

She charged the LGBT community with being intolerant when she learned that Jennifer Holliday bowed to pressure from gay fans and withdrew from performing at Donald Trump’s inauguration festivities. She used Twitter to say: “The ‘tolerant’ LGBT community in action again. Tolerant as long as you have the beauty pageant answer & conform to one opinion.....theirs.”

This charming bully learned about Mack Beggs, the transgender teenage boy who won the 110-pound state wrestling title at the Texas girls state championships, She pointed her venomous arrow directly at Mack via Twitter. “You want to be a boy. And are still prepared to fight girls. Forgive me if I don't applaud. Nasty narcissist.”

Mack Beggs is a high school athlete who desperately wanted to compete in the boys league, and the state education authorities mandated that he compete against girls. A two minute google search would have revealed the significant details of Mack’s story, but we’re living in a post-truth world of alternative facts and huge inauguration crowds now. It’s easy to denigrate a trans teenager and be cruelly divisive when it suits the false narrative that this woman is selling today.

We clutch our pearls and stagger toward the fainting couch in shock when ill-mannered drama queens attack the most vulnerable people in our society, because they violate and disrespect the boundaries of human decency. Our shock and outrage is justified.

We know that these toxic views are rejected by anyone with a brain. We refute their lies with the truth. We disprove their erroneous statements with facts. There’s ample evidence that the majority disagrees with their guerilla tactics and incendiary rhetoric. And yet our efforts to counteract the hate and diminish their credibility feels futile.

Regardless, I continue to believe that we must continue to shine a light on the dark forces seeking to divide and demean us.

There are lots of women in public life who fit the profile above. Former Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), Governor Mary Fallin (R-OK), Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC), and former state Rep. Sally Kern (R-OK), wear their anti-gay credibility on their sleeves. But I’m not writing about any of the usual suspects, I’m writing about Katie Hopkins.

Katie Hopkins is a reality television personality from the UK. She took advantage of her fifteen minutes of fame on the British version of The Apprentice  and became a right-wing newspaper columnist and a disagreeable media personality on talk radio and television. She currently writes a column for the Daily Mail Online.

The impolite cranky woman loves Donald Trump and despises progressives. She eschews good manners and civility in favor of stereotypical insults and unprovoked attacks to maintain her finely honed villainous image.

Writing for London’s Evening Standard, Emma Powell noted that Hopkins sees herself as a champion of free speech fighting the intolerance of the liberal left.
The outspoken columnist gave a speech at the Church and the Media conference in London where she told audience members that she is “leading the way” against the intolerance of the liberal left.
“I’m Jesus of the outspoken,” she said. “Jesus had his followers – I have 600,000 followers on Twitter. It’s about leading the way – I am the new Jesus.”
She described herself as “brave” and told the audience that she is “pushing back the walls closing in on freedom of speech”.
Picking on the most vulnerable people in society is cowardly NOT brave. People like Hopkins who criticize us for “intolerance” are making an argument without merit. Bigotry, which includes sexism and homophobia, is intolerable in every form. That's not a leftist view or a right-wing position, most people on the left, right, and center, agree with that statement.

Katie Hopkins' point of view is puzzling to me. Why are gay people supposed to tolerate the opponents of gay rights and marriage equality, when we're constantly subjected to religious and political intolerance from so-called social conservatives or right-wing extremists? Intolerance and contempt is based on misinformation, ignorance and fear, and they've never proffered a valid argument based on facts to justify being intolerant of LGBT people.

We must be wholly intolerant of "alternative facts" and anti-gay propaganda, and we don't need to justify that. Anyone who suggests that we are inferior, or less deserving of respect or civil rights, due to our sexual orientation or gender identity, lacks the mental capacity and empathy required to gain our respect and engage in a constructive dialogue.

Katie Hopkins likes to say that she supports the LGBT community. She said she wants to be a gay icon, and professed in an interview that she hopes her son is gay.
Everybody with a gay son is much more savvy, the son tells them exactly what they think. My son really loves stuff to do with dancing and fashion and he couldn’t give a toss about boys’ things like football.
Unsurprisingly, her desire to be a gay icon has largely been rejected by the LGBT community in the UK. Criticising Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) for providing gay couples in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment for no substantive reason is discriminatory and counterproductive. She can call us intolerant for fighting for our rights, and say that the NHS should not pay for IVF for gay couples. Big whoop. She NEVER articulates a valid reason for promoting discrimination or justifying her point of view. That’s why we reject the attention seeking flamethrowers like her that are looking to demean and divide us. Discrimination is unacceptable and intolerable and yet that’s what she supports and preaches.
What I do care about is when a community that preaches inclusivity and tolerance is suddenly exceptionally intolerant of anyone with an opposing view.
Those putting pressure on Pride in London to make this decision are exactly the type of people who make gross assumptions about me because I do not have the beauty pageant answer for everything.
No I don’t think the NHS should pay for IVF for gay couples. Yes, all diversity officers are lunatics.
But do I cheerlead you every step of the way to be who you want to do and sod what other people say (including myself)? Yes I chuffing do.
Katie Hopkins is one of the most reviled figures across the pond, and it's easy to understand why. She shoots first and never seems to think about the consequences of her actions. Any adult who feels it’s acceptable and appropriate to engage in cyberbullying and attack a trans teenager is scum in my view.

We have to keep calling out the lies, incendiary rhetoric, half truths, and bad behavior, perpetrated by Katie Hopkins and her ilk, wherever and whenever it occurs. We also have to hit them where it hurts and that’s squarely in their wallet. We must challenge their media platforms and exert pressure on the advertisers who support purveyors of hate.

When I saw Hopkins tweet about Mack Beggs I was incensed. It is NOT okay for an adult to bully or cyberbully a gay or trans teen. I tweeted back “Stupid and incendiary rhetoric reflects ignorance bigotry and fear. Mature intelligent adults don’t bully kids.”

Straight talk indeed.

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