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May 19, 2017

Consorting With The Enemy: Trump’s Twisted Foreign Policy

Consorting With The Enemy: Donald Trump’s Twisted Foreign Policy

Donald Trump will be boarding Air Force One today for his first trip abroad as the president of the United States. With no legislative achievements, no new trade deals, no infrastructure announcements, no tax cuts, or any accomplishments, he’s taking his dog and pony show on the road. The first country on The Bungling Brothers – Trump Pence Three Ring Circus Tour  is Saudi Arabia.

All Aboard – First Stop Riyadh

How excited is the Al-Saud royal family for this visit? How would you feel if the most famous Islamophobe in the world was coming to visit you? Regardless, they’re pulling out all the stops. They will welcome Donald Trump with open arms, and he will return their hugs and kisses on the cheek with bushels of military equipment and tons of arms (reportedly $110.0 billion dollars worth).

Trump has expressed admiration for Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong-Un, and Vladimir Putin. The Saudi Crown Prince is no slouch in the dictator department himself. Human rights be damned – Trump is probably wetting himself with excitement. If the Saudis kiss Trump’s ass all the better.

The Saudis will overlook Trump’s Islamophobia in exchange for the weapon systems they want. Trump will overlook Saudi Arabia’s transgressions, their barbaric subjugation of women, and all the other human rights violations they commit, because none of that interests him. He wants to know if the people of Saudi Arabia love Trump, because he’s ready to love them back.

The Trump Doctrine Is A Work In Progress?

I wonder how he will fare on his first adventure outside of the United States. Did Melania remember to place his fanny pack in his luggage? Rumors abound that the White House staff are crossing their eyes and fingers that all goes well.

Before a head of state comes to the United States to visit with our president, or a visit is scheduled overseas, briefing books are compiled for the principal (in this case Trump) to read and digest. There are in-person briefings and meetings with the National Security Agency (NSA), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and the Department of State, to prepare for bi-lateral meetings.

Donald Trump doesn’t like to read or digest written materials, and he doesn’t want to be briefed because he says he’s bored by briefings . He’s confident that he can ‘wing it.’ He was winging it during his campaign, and because he won, he figures he can ‘wing it’ now. To date, ‘winging it’ hasn’t served him well at all.

The president is still developing his foreign policy objectives, so it’s difficult to define the ‘Trump doctrine’ at this point. Regardless, he’s made quite an impression on several foreign leaders during his brief time in office. He’s insulted the Prime Minister of Australia, enraged the people and President of Mexico, praised the North Korean despot, and rudely mistreated one of our most important allies.

Overheard In The White House ‘No Black Forest Gâteau (Cake) For You’

When German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited Donald Trump in the oval office, he sneered at her and awkwardly refused to shake her hand. Administration officials privately described their meeting as ‘uncomfortable,’ while the German Foreign Minister said the meeting was ‘tense.’ Germany is a strategic European partner of the United States. Is that how we treat a friend?

Awkward Pauses: German Chancellor Angela Merkel meets President Donald Trump in the oval office.

Look at the photographs of their meeting. Trump can’t even bring himself to look in her direction, let alone look into her eyes. He clearly didn’t understand or want to comprehend the strategic importance of Germany. What’s that about?

There is ample evidence that Donald Trump has a chip on his shoulder where Angela Merkel is concerned. She opened her nation’s door to hundreds of thousands of refugees seeking Germany’s help. The Syrian people were fleeing a vicious civil war in their ravaged country. There was no extreme vetting, and no limits or entry requirements placed on the undocumented refugees. They were homeless, penniless, hungry, and in need of shelter. And they were adherents of the Islamic faith!

Angela Merkel’s humanitarian assistance flies in the face of Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim scare mongering and incendiary campaign rhetoric. He never wants to be out-classed by a woman, and her biggest sin in Trump’s mind, was the fact that in 2015, Time magazine named German Chancellor Angela Merkel their person of the year. Donald Trump wanted to be person of the year in 2015. Bigly. And when he didn’t get the honor – he whined and complained about it.

Merkel Is Ruining Germany Because A Drumpf (Trump) Says So

Don’t forget that Trump’s ancestry is German, so he knows a thing or two about Germany. The Drumpf’s (Trump's) know it all - don’t you know.

Writing for NBC News, Elizabeth Chuck described Trump’s immature response to the news that Merkel was selected.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel beat out seven other candidates as TIME Person of the Year, including Republican presidential contender Donald Trump — and the controversial 2016 candidate had a swift reaction to being slighted.
“I told you @TIME Magazine would never pick me as person of the year despite being the big favorite,” he tweeted after Wednesday morning’s announcement on TODAY. “They picked person who is ruining Germany.”
Merkel received the TIME recognition for her leadership on the Greek debt disaster and the Syrian refugee crisis. In the past, Trump, who this week announced a proposed ban on all Muslims entering the United States, has called Merkel’s decision to allow refugees into her country “a disgrace.”
Merkel is only the fourth female Person of the Year, and the first solo woman to receive the TIME title in 29 years.
Donald Trump Complains That Angela Merkel Is Time Magazine's Person Of The Ywar in 2015

I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but think that sexism, misogyny, and jealousy, drove Trump to react so negatively. Because Merkel’s actions were counter to Trump’s proposed Muslim ban, and she beat him for Time  magazine’s person of the year, so he acted like a child and treated the Chancellor like crap when she visited Washington, D.C. For your information – that’s the antithesis of diplomacy. [Note: In 2016, Time magazine fulfilled Trump’s dream to be person of the year.]

Contrast Merkel’s Washington visit with the meeting weeks later that Trump tried to cover up.

Russians Have Been Barred From The West Wing Since The Cold War. Until Trump.

The day after Trump fired the Director of the FBI, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak met Trump in the oval office, and he welcomed them like old long lost friends. There were handshakes, hugs, and back slaps galore.

Handshakes Hugs and Back Slaps: Trump yucks it up with Russia's Sergey Lavrov and Sergey Kislyak in the oval office

Lavrov and Kislyak had never visited the West Wing of the White House before, because it’s common knowledge that Russian diplomats pull double duty as diplomats and spies for the secret police agency FSB (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation) or the espionage agency SVR (Foreign Intelligence Service). Russians have been invited to White House events and receptions, and were banned from the West Wing since the start of the Cold War.

President Vladimir Putin personally called Trump and asked him to make an exception to diplomatic protocol, and invite the two Russian spies to meet him in the oval office. Donald Trump said “Why of course (comrade), I’d be happy to meet with them in the oval office.”

It’s customary for the White House pool photographers and reporters to file into the oval office for a few minutes to take photos (and shout questions). Trump barred the American press. The only photographer present was a representative of TASS, the Russian propaganda machine. Incidentally, TASS employees abroad are agents of the SVR (Foreign Intelligence Service).

As Thomas L. Friedman wrote in The New York Times, if Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton invited Russian spies to the White House, Republicans in Congress would have called for their heads.
Just think about that picture of Trump laughing it up with Russia’s foreign minister in the Oval Office, a foreign minister who covered up Syria’s use of poison gas. Trump reportedly shared with him sensitive intelligence on ISIS, and Trump refused to allow any U.S. press in the room. The picture came from Russia’s official photographer. In our White House! It’s nauseating. And the G.O.P. is still largely mute. If Hillary had done that, they would have shut down the government.

The Danish Play and Donald Trump

In Hamlet,  William Shakespeare wrote “something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” And there’s no doubt that something IS rotten in the Trump White House. While I would love to cast blame, it would be counter productive to start pointing fingers now (and I only have ten).

How do we get out of this mess, and how do we ensure that it doesn’t happen again? That’s the million dollar question in search of an answer I currently don’t have.

Whether it’s corruption and collusion with the Russians driving the Trump trainwreck, or mere incompetence, ignorance, and stupidity, we’re gonna be stuck in this stinky quagmire for years.

Donald Trump is incompetent and unfit for the office of president, and there’s little we can do now. Unless he grabs a woman’s kitty cat again (other than his wife) and is caught red handed, we are stuck with him and his self-inflicted drama and chaos.

Hide your kitty cats folks. It’s not going to be fun for anyone. We must continue to resist.

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