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December 15, 2017

Donald Trump’s Psychosis Endangers Our National Security

Pictured: President Donald Trump's face

The allegedly 'failing New York Times' and the allegedy 'failing Washington Post' document how Donald Trump’s mental health impacts his ability to govern.

WASHINGTON, D.C. --- Donald Trump is the most immature and spoiled seventy-one year old brat in the United States, and likely the most ineffective President in modern history.

Definition of psychosis - a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality.
Acting like a baby and being indecisive are NOT impeachable offenses. His temperament alone should have disqualified him as a presidential candidate, and under normal circumstances he would never have been the GOP’s nominee for president. Trump got lucky during the primaries. His Republican opponents were so weak and disliked that he easily vanquished each one.

After the Nevada caucuses he crowed that he loved white ‘poorly educated’ voters. Trump’s coalition of white evangelicals and the poorly educated were instrumental in securing Trump the nomination, and prevailing in the electoral college.

Have we ever seen a more puerile and unprepared candidate win a presidential election? His victory was unprecedented in our nation’s history.

The President is a pathological liar (10 year old) who refuses to admit a mistake (8 year old). He won’t apologize for any transgressions (7 year old), and has Oval Office temper-tantrums on a regular basis (4 year old). He describes every unflattering news story as ‘fake news,’ which reflects the fact that he can’t accept reality (5 year old).

Donald Trump's psychosis and untreated mental health challenges create a very real danger to our national security. 

Last summer The New York Times analyzed Donald Trump’s LIES. Some readers complained about the biased nature of the story and said that EVERY president is a liar. The Times rose to the challenge and compiled and compared the raw numbers. They documented Trump’s LIES to date compared with Barack Obama’s LIES.

The Times concluded that In week three of Donald Trump’s first term, he told as many LIES as Barack Obama did in two full terms (8 years).
We applied the same conservative standard to Obama and Trump, counting only demonstrably and substantially false statements. The result: Trump is unlike any other modern president. He seems virtually indifferent to reality, often saying whatever helps him make the case he’s trying to make. 
In his first 10 months in office, he has told 103 separate untruths, many of them repeatedly. Obama told 18 over his entire eight-year tenure. That’s an average of about two a year for Obama and about 124 a year for Trump. 
In all, we found 18 different bald untruths from Obama during his presidency. Trump told his 18th separate untruth in his third full week in office, and his list keeps growing.  
The Washington Post’s Greg Miller, Greg Jaffe, and Philip Rucker, wrote a must-read article about Russia and Vladimir Putin’s role in the 2016 election, and their effect on Trump’s insecurities and his state-of-mind. They also examine how Trump’s idiosyncrasies impact his ability to govern. The story is entitled “Doubting the intelligence, Trump pursues Putin and leaves a Russian threat unchecked.” Their conclusion is frightening.

Washington Post Headline "Doubting the intelligence, Trump pursues Putin and leaves a Russian threat unchecked"

They describe how Trump won’t accept or acknowledge Russia’s role in the 2016 election, because he believes doing so would delegitimize his electoral college victory. If anyone mentions Russia in his presence, or casually brings up Russia during a national security briefing, the infant President becomes enraged. In order to avoid his rage, the White House staff and national security professionals pretend that Russia doesn’t exist.

Our infant President won’t accept the truth or deal with reality. Acting like a four year old is preventing our government from formulating an effective response to Russian meddling in our election. Russia can do whatever they want and our government looks the other way. The Washington Post notes: [Emphasis my own]
Nearly a year into his presidency, TRUMP continues to REJECT the EVIDENCE THAT RUSSIA WAGED AN ASSAULT ON a pillar of AMERICAN DEMOCRACY and supported his run for the White House. 
The result is without obvious parallel in U.S. history, a situation in which THE PERSONAL INSECURITIES OF THE PRESIDENT — and his refusal to accept what even many in his administration regard as objective reality — HAVE IMPAIRED THE GOVERNMENT’S RESPONSE TO A NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT. The repercussions radiate across the government.
Trump’s disconnect from reality is beyond problematic. Aside from the obvious psychological implications, if he’s living in a dream world he’ll never be a public servant accountable to the people.  That’s how he side-steps being a leader and confronting thorny issues like Russian meddling in American affairs.

Robert Mueller is investigating Russia’s role in the 2016 election. At some point in the next year we’ll know whether the ‘Trump for President’ campaign colluded or coordinated their propaganda scheme with Russia. Until Special Counsel Mueller completes his investigation and shares his findings with the American people, it’s premature to discuss or consider impeaching Donald Trump.

After a year in office there’s a mountain of evidence reflecting Trump’s inability to fulfill the demands of the job. Just look at his accomplishments or lack thereof. Examine the results and you will conclude he’s ineffective, inexperienced, indecisive, and ill-suited to be president. If the election was held today would Trump win? It's hard to say.

During the 2016 general election campaign, Secretary Hillary Clinton claimed that “he is not just unprepared, he is temperamentally unfit to hold an office that requires knowledge, stability and immense responsibility.”

Hillary warned us and she was right.

Hillary Clinton quote "he is not just unprepared, he is temperamentally unfit to hold an office that requires knowledge, stability and immense responsibility."

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