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July 9, 2018

If Gay People Are Going To Hell, I Can't Wait To Get There

The Gay LGBT LGBTQ Rainbow Flag flying above Castro Street in San Francisco, California.
The Gay LGBTQ rainbow flag is a beacon that flies high above Castro St. in San Francisco, California 

If all gay or LGBTQ people are sexually immoral and consigned to eternal hell, I’m confident I can make the case that hell is the best place to be.

By Roy Steele

WARNING! There are evil people disguised as benevolent and loving Christians working overtime to oppose LGBTQ rights.

I have to begin this news story with a WARNING. We all have to do better, myself included, and pay attention to the subversive right-wing extremists working to legalize discrimination and strip gay people of their dignity and basic human rights.

There’s a small but loud minority in the United States that dominates the political and religious debate about the humanity of gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans people. Their actions and anti-gay bias are a reflection of their animus and fears. Regardless, whether they are afraid of us or not, they can no longer justify their bigotry by citing their religious beliefs.

The irreligious Christians slander the LGBTQ community, criticize and misrepresent our secular government and Constitution, and openly question the rights of anyone who doesn’t look like them, or worships a different God. They believe their Christian faith is superior to all the others, which has given rise to Christian supremacy. They believe their right to criticize and demean others, which they falsely claim is a matter of religious liberty and freedom, supersede the rights of others granted in the Constitution.

Mainstream media coverage gives these people and their phony “pro-family” organizations a patina of legitimacy which grants them outsized political power.  We have to demand that journalists and the media organizations they work for, stop this blatant malpractice.

Gay rights aren’t and never should be a political issue to be debated between the left and right. It’s a moral issue of what’s right and what’s wrong.

This is the latest story in a long line of similarly horrifying tales over many decades in history.

Dateline: Mike Pence’s home state of Indiana. Auburn, Indiana to be exact.

The logo of Auburn, Indiana superimposed on a gay lgbt lgbtq rainbow flag
Auburn, Indiana -- If you’re gay, or know someone who identifies as LGBTQ, they will confirm that news stories like this are hurtful and offensive. This story made me sad and mad.

It begins in Auburn, Indiana. Auburn is a small town of approximately thirteen thousand people. The demographics of this town has no bearing on the story. This is about gay people and religion - and bigotry.

Auburn is 23 miles north of Fort Wayne, and nearly 150 miles north of Indianapolis.

Auburn was once a major manufacturing hub,  producing cars and products made of rubber. That was a long time ago.

Auburn is in the news today because Remnant Fellowship Church Elder Robert Sturges is bursting with love. He wants everyone to know-- whether you’re gay or straight -- he loves and cares about you so much, he’s compelled to issue a warning. He says the Bible clearly states that homosexuality, transvestites, lesbianism, and sexual immorality, is NOT okay with his God. His church put a hateful anti-LGBTQ message on a sign in public, and they were evicted and  lost their lease.

Map of northern Indiana, with a place marker on Auburn, Indiana
Elder Sturges is a God fearing man, and he wants “homosexuals, lesbians, transvestites” and people who practice “sexual immorality” to know they’re headed straight to eternal hell. He says we still have time to repent and change in order to be compliant with the rules his church has to be welcomed into the kingdom of God and heaven.
They’re being told in our culture that homosexuality, transvestites, lesbianism and sexual immorality is okay. But the Bible clearly says that those who practice these things will not inherit the Kingdom of God. In fact, it warns them that the wrath of God will abide upon them. And in the judgment, they will be lost and they will be sent to hell forever. We believe that. That’s our faith.

What does the Bible say specifically about homosexuals, lesbians, and transvestites? Nothing. Scripture never mentions trans or bi people.

I’ve read and studied the Bible several times. I never saw the word homosexual, transvestite, or lesbian, printed in the text once. Like gay marriage, there is no Biblical view of LGBTQ people, except for the one Elder Sturges and countless others make up, to scare other God fearing people.

We know that equating ‘sex’ or ‘sexual intercourse’ with ‘sexual orientation’ is idiotic and wrong, while Christians and politicians do that all the time to suit their false equivalencies, their lies, and false narratives. They should stop doing that because it’s dishonest and a sin.

The Remnant Fellowship Church in Auburn, Indiana was evicted from their building after they erected an anti-LGBTQ sign in front of their church that claimed “LGBTQ IS A HATE CRIME AGAINST GOD. REPENT”

Remnant Fellowship Church Sign In Auburn, Indiana: LGBTQ IS A HATE CRIME AGAINST GOD. REPENT.
The Remnant Fellowship Church sign in Auburn, Indiana "LGBTQ IS A HATE CRIME AGAINST GOD. REPENT." 

Are LGBTQ people a hate crime against God? Nope.

LGBTQ people are NOT a hate crime against GOD. Why would he keep creating us if we were sinners going to hell? He wouldn’t. Remember that Judge Judy says “If it doesn’t make sense it doesn’t make sense.”

The mainstream media should stop giving publicity and legitimacy to people who have been brainwashed into believing lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans people, are going to hell. It’s NOT true and any theologian will tell you that. A careful reading of Scripture reveals that. And these brainwashed heretics aren’t interested in knowing or telling the truth.

I played a game in my head and pretended that some of these purveyors of hate were correct, and considered for a moment that some of us are going to burn in the pits of hell because of who we love. When I played this game I had an AHA moment and thought, if Elder Sturges is right, and gay people are destined for hell, then I can’t wait to get there!

Imagine the people you’d meet in hell, if all dead LGBTQ people were there.

I know that these blasphemous idiots are wrong about LGBTQ people and hell, and I decided to pretend that I accept their false premise.

If these con men and women were right, imagine the breadth of intelligent and dynamic LGBT people from history, sentenced to hell forever. They should face the fact that if they were right, hell would be the most fabulous place ever.

I decided to send Remnant Fellowship Church a message via Twitter.
If I’m going to HELL because I’m gay, I can’t wait! Imagine how fabulous HELL will be. I’ll meet Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, Alan Turing, Halston, Rock Hudson, Warhol, and some of the most brilliantly creative minds and geniuses the world has ever known. HELL will be filled with laughter, creativity, and lots of GREAT SEX. That’s bloody BRILLIANT!

The letters L O V E made with red balloons in the San Francisco Pride Parade

The groundbreaking contributions made by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals, to civilization and society throughout our human history, is enormous and unparalleled.

Who wouldn’t be excited about meeting Leonardo da Vinci, one of the greatest artists of all time. There’s the sculptor, painter and architect Michelangelo, and Alan Turing OBE, the mathematician and code-breaker who played a major role in defeating Germany during World War II. Imagine spending a moment with Gertrude Stein, James BaldwinVita Sackville-West, Virginia Woolf, and hovering nearby the inimitable Alice B. ToklasEleanor Roosevelt was a first lady way ahead of her time, and the iconic fashion designers Perry Ellis and Halston, are there commiserating with Broadway’s Michael Bennett, and the artist Andy Warhol. Hollywood’s  Rock Hudson, Tony Perkins, and Roddy McDowall, are gossiping with Elizabeth Taylor*, having a million laughs. Campy comedians Paul Lynde, Charles Nelson Reilly, and Kenneth Williams, are keeping everyone in stitches. And San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk is still asking people to come out of the closet in hell, just ask former president John F. Kennedy* or Bayard Rustin about that.

Preach the truth and expose their lies.

The text "lesbian gay bisexual and transgender children of God are created in his image too."
This bears repeating. IF I BELIEVED IN THEIR MISINTERPRETATIONS OF THE BIBLE, and THEIR DESCRIPTION OF HELL, and I thought they were right about my destiny, I’d still rush there tomorrow. In the meantime, I don’t believe any of their propaganda and will carry on as always (and keep pissing them off). I will continue to preach the truth.

The empathy, the intelligence, the brains, the creativity, the warmth, the hearts, the love, the laughter, the understanding, the dignity, and humanity, that lives in the hearts, minds, and souls, of the LGBTQ community, is so powerful and great, that these powerful organizations continue to be  threatened by our very being. Our existence on this earth frightens them.

Consider the countless contributions by LGBTQ people to science, the arts, society, and our culture. Think about the strength of our dignity and depth of our character. Acknowledge our sensitive and loving nature, innate generosity and infectious spirit. Don't forget about our journey, and overcoming the obstacles placed in our way. We ALL share that in common. That's why I can boast and testify about our moral fiber, and know there's nothing that a religious leader or politician can say about us today, or about the LGBTQ people from the past, to diminish their accomplishments, existence, or their places in history.

These small minded people can keep bullying us. They can use their limited vocabulary to call us every anti-gay name and slur they know. They can rely on their limited knowledge about Scripture to scare the public and misrepresent their faith. No matter what they do, the impact will be imperceptible. We will not be their prey.

They’ve already lost the culture war.

I don’t think they all got the memo, but they LOST the culture war a long time ago.

Their campaign to paint us as deviant perverts LOST. Their campaign to bar us from teaching LOST. Their campaign to deny us our civil rights and marriage equality LOST. Their campaign to ban us from textbooks LOST.

They are currently devoted to spreading propaganda related to bathroom bills and adoption, and while they have a few wins in those battles, we know they will lose those wars too.

Who is really going to hell? I know that LGBTQ people aren’t going to hell, and I know that I’m not either.

I wonder if they can say that about themselves. God has harsh words and penalties for unrepentant liars and false prophets.

Should LGBTQ  people warn them? Nah. Just like us they might figure it out on their own.

Straight talk indeed.

*Please Note: Elder Robert Sturges warned homosexuals, transvestites, lesbians, and sexually immoral people about going to hell forever. I presumed that former president John F. Kennedy, and the actor Elizabeth Taylor, would be classified as 'sexually immoral' under their misinterpretation of Scripture. You can disagree in the comments section.

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