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March 17, 2021

Trump and the GOP Battle To Preserve White Privilege

DUMB DUMB Donald Trump looks into a mirror being held by an aide at CPAC 2021 in Orlando, Florida.

By Roy Steele

Did you catch this? Some people will never learn. There he was in his stock uniform. He had on that awful looking wrinkled navy blue ill-fitting suit. The ‘Just For Men’ dyed blonde hair under his wig was a bit wild and needed a trim, while the poorly applied orange makeup and under-eye concealer wasn't blended in.

The legendary penny-pincher hasn't learned to avoid off-the-rack ninety nine dollar suits purchased in the Big and Tall department. His signature red necktie had visible food stains. Barely held together by a paper clip and scotch tape, it was slightly askew and too long. Makes you wonder who gives him the once over when he leaves the house.

Oops! I forgot. HE gives himself the once over. He's an image expert, a television reality show host, a wannabe politician, and a bankrupt businessman rolled into one, and he's somehow smarter than every general in our military. He has the best education, the best words, and claims to know EVERYTHING - and I can only assume that's how people who know everything roll!

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